Monday, July 1, 2013

iPhone Piccys

Lately, I've been using my iPhone to take all of my pictures. I can't decide if I should make the switch back to my camera or stick to this super easy and convenient method. Some pictures turn out great, but I feel like tons of moments are blurred or darkened by using my iPhone. Either way, I relied heavily on my iPhone this weekend to capture all of our memories... I must take at least 10 pictures of my kid a day. (Enough to fill up my Mac's hard-drive.) Here are some pictures of our weekend... enjoy!
 Like I mentioned in this post,- matching bathing suits. Can't. Wait. Though much, much, muchhh longer than what we are used to, I love these! 

We don't didn't have a high chair at grandmommy's house, so we improvised. Austin sat on grandmommy's lap while she attempted to feed him. It didn't work out so well... someone got entirely too involved in his apples. Apples in the nose. Apples on the forehead. Apples on the legs and toes. Apples in grandmommy's face. And then, head dunk. Head dunk into the apples. We may make a champion apple bobber out of him, yet. Since then, we have purchased 2 makeshift "highchairs." This Bumbo Seat Tray did not work out for us, so thank goodness we bought this Hook On Chair, as well. 

And then we found this. An excellent Saturday morning Thrift Shop find! I love the detailing on the back, and I know it's going to be so easy to clean. I actually went into the shop looking for a vintage highchair to fix up, and possibly paint and refinish. But this one is so beautiful, no work is required! ...This picture makes it look much shorter than it really is.

Update: Baby can sit up 5 to 10 seconds by himself! 

The beginning of this week will be spent hunting down some red accessories to complete this lady's 4th of July outfit, getting my nails done with my cousin (YES!), sailing (if the weather holds out), and taking care of a groggy Juan, who is having dental work done before driving to see us today. 


  1. I just love the on your mark-get set-go pictures!
    Grand mommy

  2. OMG he is precious!!!! And I love that highchair!

  3. The highchair is such a great find! It looks like it is in excellent condition and I'm sure it was well made.

    1. It really is, it's so sturdy! I love it!

  4. Those really are some great pictures and that high chair looks amazing! By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award here:
    Have a great day!

  5. Gorgeous pics! I'm with you that it's so hard to be motivated to bring out the DSLR when the iphone takes such great pics. We actually forgot our "good" camera on our Ireland trip earlier on this year and one of our iphone photos STILL one a photo contest! It's a pretty darn good camera.

    Baby boy is super cute, and that highchair is simply perfect! I love the detail. Sigh...they don't make 'em like they used to!