Saturday, July 20, 2013

Six on Saturday?

So apparently last Friday was a bit too hectic, I totally spaced and forgot about the weekly link up- butttt I'm back, and ready for this week's Five on Friday Six on Saturday! (Guess yesterday was hectic, too.) I've been meaning to use this link up party as a bit of an escape from my normal baby posts, mainly focusing on my current thoughts and interests... but, every week I find myself mentioning the babe in at least one of my five spiels. And guys, it's gonna be no different this week. Let's be honest, this kid runs the show. 

So we own two condos in Jacksonville- why we are renting a way too expensive apartment when we could be living in our pick of two condos, for free, is beyond me. I'm sure somewhere between the hormonal pregnant rage and the two flights of stairs with no elevator, Juan's drive to please me went in to overdrive. So we moved. And now we're about to move back.
 For the past couple of days I have been in complete renovation mode. (Hence my being MIA.) I am ready to start packing, painting, and finally, moving. A place of our own. No more monthly payments, no more freaking out because Juan's astray dart made yet another hole in the wall, and no more excuses to leave the place unfinished. It's not a house, but it's ours- and it will be wonderful for the next few years. One more month until our move! Three words. Pink. Laundry. Room.

I've had my close eye on this print for a while, and I'm so excited to say that I finally splurged and bought this dress. I don't feel bad for making a bit of a pricey purchase on a dress that will be in season for only a couple more months because a) I followed the 3 (or is it 30?) day rule and thought about it before buying it and b) who am I kidding, I live in Florida, I can wear this dress all the time (with a sweater in December). Please don't judge me if you catch me wearing it over and over... and over and over again. I was even daydreaming about cutting the bottom half off and making it into a dress for my future mini. 
...The mind of a mommy who wants a little girl. Someday.

My heart is heavy for Shoep the doggy and his owner. Haven't heard of him? He and his owner were a hit sensation when a picture of them went viral last year... read all about Shoep's story here. Shoep just passed away after a long battle with arthritis. As a dog mommy, I have an immense amount of respect and love for this kind man. Rest in peace sweet boy, you finally are able to cross the rainbow bridge, pain free.

My grandpa just brought down a bushel of the sweetest and most delicious peaches. Ah, Georgia Peaches, how I love you. Strange thing, Austin HATES peaches. He refuses to eat them. Silly kid.
I suckered my mom into buying a ridiculous amount of mason jars for the 4th, so I'm thinking I'll make use of them and stir up some Peach Jam. Last summer, Juan and I picked up a few bushels from Georgia on route to Texas, and let me just say- we were eating peaches, peach jam, peach pie, and peach muffins for weeks.

We have family visiting from Georgia (again... yeah, we have a lot of family in Georgia). They too have a sweet new little addition to their family. Cousin Tyler is almost exactly three months younger than Austin, I can't wait for these two to grow up together! This morning we all went to the Farmer's Market- Lord it was hotter than a two dollar pistol out there. The poor babes' cheekies were rosy red. But look how content they look in their baby pouches.

Dinner went way past Austin's bedtime... that, or we were boring him. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. He is advancing so quickly these days!

This angel turned 6 months yesterday... does this mean I can start planning his first birthday party?
He looks bigger in his 5 month picture than he does in the six month picture. But he is definitely much bigger now, little chub worm. He has packed on some serious pounds since he's been down here on vacation. It's okay, babe, it happens to the best of us. Ugh.

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  1. It has been just wonderful having you and Austin here with us for the summer. He truly is growing so fast and learning something new daily. Love you, grand mommy