Monday, July 29, 2013

Beach Baby

It's official... we are buying a mansion on the beach. Okay, maybe not as official as I would like... we drove through a couple of prospective neighborhoods. Ponte Vedra is beautiful and we had a great weekend visiting my parents at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. Austin sat in the sand and dipped his toes in the ocean for the first time. I love this "first" of his- it was long overdue considering we live only 10 minutes from the beach! I am so thankful he didn't try to eat the sand, and we didn't stay out long enough for him to get too hot or sticky. It was a definite success!


What's a vacation without exploring? And what's exploring without stopping for pictures? Jokes on you, Jennifer. We tried to take quality pictures of the babe and myself.
Three minutes of sitting. Four ridiculous pictures.
Two grumpy models. One decent shot.
I think I'm becoming less photogenic with weight age.

The resort had four or five gift shops- I wanted everything, including all of the little girls' Lilly dresses. My mom had to practically yank that Lilly 2T dress out of my hand. Ladies, it was 30% off.  Everything was wayyy too overpriced, just like any other resort. 58 dollars for a butter dish. Please. I did, however, find this adorable Vineyard Vines bracelet- and it was half off!
 A fun weekend, indeed. Now for a super busy next couple of days: painting the condo, measuring for and buying tile, and more packing. There's always more packing. How did we manage to cram so much into this teeny apartment and still manage to keep it looking nice? Oh yeah, we didn't. This apartment has been a train wreck since day one.
Happy packing to all of you fellow movers out there


  1. Y'all are so cute! And I LOVE your dress!

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