Friday, July 5, 2013

Five on Friday

Success! I have made it to week two of Five on Friday! It's the morning after a late, late night for all of the Martinez fam. Juan, Austin, and I spent the night watching fireworks over the river, while Duke watched from my parents' house in complete distress. Poor pup. Last 4th of July, a wee 5 month old (still heavy) Duke was let out to go potty in the midst of the neighborhood fireworks. Huge mistake. I ended up having to go searching for him down the street (in Texas, a foreign place to me at the time) and carry his butt back into the house. Dedicated mom right there, folks.
Okay, here weeee goooooo.

Sailboats. Speedboats. Yachts. Any boat in general.
After spending the 4th out on my uncle's boat, I've decided that Juan and I can mark it down on our necessities list in the budget. That's okay, right? I do live in Florida. 

Winn Dixie Fuelperks.
My parents are Winn Dixie regulars. I'm a Publix person, myself, but damn- I may rethink that. 
We just spent 35 dollars on a full tank of gas, thanks to my parents' earned fuelperks. A full tank in a Jeep. That's over 30 dollars off. Winn Dixie may have just found its newest customer. Maybe. 

Our furniture is oversized. Completely and way too oversized. We are deciding whether to sell it all or put it in storage until we get a house. Either way, Juan is going to build this coffee table made out of crates. Isn't it the cutest thing?! And so rustic! I love it. I am so excited for the extra storage for blankets, magazines, diapers, and toys. I'll let you know how it turns out ;)

I miss reading. I am in a reading funk, I get into these every so often... but this one has lasted about a year. That's right, I haven't opened a book (other than a textbook) in a year. I love reading for pleasure and I hope to find time to start again, soon. I need some ideas for a good series to check out... anyone... anyone? Until then, I'm settling for Goodnight Moon and a few books the Easter bunny left.

My baby boys are reunited, and it feels so good. Austin and Duke hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks when they were reunited on Tuesday morning. Juan had to go back to Jacksonville early today, but Dukie is staying with us, here in Fort Pierce, for a couple more weeks.

Coming soon: Our fun filled 4th of July recap!


  1. Hey! You commented on my Friday Five last week about Disney and the Pin Trading. I didn't see an email so I thought I'd respond here... we had a fabulous time in Disney and I did see all of the Pin craze! We even saw a HUGE Pin trading board at one of the restaurants we dined at in Hollywood Studios. BTW, I love that coffee table that is made out of crates! Our furniture is the right size, just want new stuff!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the name Austin. If we have another boy that will be his name =) I love the coffee table idea! You have to post a picture when you make it!