Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rough Nights

My kid has escalated fast and far beyond the stage of no nap ninja. This- at first, silly, then funny, quickly turned awful and annoying- habit of his is now prevalent in his sleeping (or lack, thereof) during the night. No nap ninja has now become the teething troll. Or growth spurt gremlin. He wakes up every two hours spitting out all sorts of loud noises at me; this goes on and on until I give him a bottle, which he then throws back like he's at an all-you-can-eat buffet. I've about reached my wits' end. I'm not sure what's causing this newfound game habit (need?) of his, but something has got to change. I'm sleeping in the same room with a newborn all over again. 
I've already called his doctor, she chalked it up as a growth spurt. Do growth spurts last over 2 weeks? If this goes on through Friday, I'll be calling her back. I need answers, like, yesterday.

Rough night for us all, notice that little tuft of hair standing straight up?
It won't go down.
All too often I find myself getting annoyed with him after a long night, but he always seems to know exactly when to pull out his little get out of jail free faces.  Melts my heart every time. Little rascal.  


  1. ohhh..teething! My little boy Madden had a rough time with teething especially because he got 3 teeth coming in at once. I finally found the hylands teething tablets and they are the BEST! you could try those. It's so rough dealing with different stages but you always seem to forgive them once they give youthose sweet smiles.Good luck.

  2. Sweetie, maybe you should try going to sleep when he does at 8 pm for a few night. At least you'll get some sleep. Love you, grandmommy

  3. So hard!!! But your right, that face!!!! How could you ever be mad?! Stella is almost 11 months and for the past 3.5 she has been sleeping all night. Before that.......5 times or more a night!!!!!! Talk about a ninja! I hope he gets over this soon because those, "yep, you have a baby on your hands" dr appointments get old! Lol :)