Saturday, November 16, 2013

Everyday Life

Our every day life is pretty unpredictable. Or so unpredictable that it becomes pretty predictable. I'm not even sure which one. When the husband is at work, Austin and I take full advantage of lounging at home in our jams all day. Tis the season to be cozy. But when Juan is home, I feel like we're always on the go. Either to St. Augustine for the day, or to the grocery store for the third time that week. We're always somewhere. We like to move it, move it. We've been frequenting Publix like it's the damn zombie apocalypse and we're all going to starve if we don't buy 3 pounds of Deli meat. I'm slowly... slooowwlyyy... getting into a cooking groove. Today my crock pot made pot roast and tonight my KitchenAid will whip up some cupcakes. Juan was beside himself with giddiness over not eating a ham and cheese sandwich. It also seems we catch Austin in his most fashionable outfits while we are grocery shopping. Gotta show them off somewhere, right bud!? Waste not!
One piece of cheese cheek and 22 pounds of ham, please. Hamming. It. Up.

Barnes and Noble is another recent favorite of ours. It's always been a favorite for Juan and I- we used to go on "dates" to Barnes and Noble and sit in the aisles playing those "I Spy" books ;) It is a newfound favorite now that we have a curious little George. We like to take Austin here at least once a week- he loves it! We grab a Starbucks, park ourselves in the corner, and let him go to town. And go to town, he does! Look at him, he runs that town.

When I'm not joining the busy bodies in their adventures, I'm in class. All day, twice a week. School this semester has been taking over. I stand firm by my idea that Elementary Education is a simple major to get through in college. I'm sure that's why tons of people pick it. There's no arguing that it's job and a half once you're actually in the field. School has certainly taken up a lot of time for me this semester- but the work is very doable, and actually pretty easy. It's just way too time consuming. Sometimes it gets to be a lot, and even a little stressful, but getting pictures like this in the middle of class makes it all worth it. People have asked me if it was hard for me to go back to school, or if I've ever just wanted to quit. No, I haven't. I could not even imagine not going back, that was never even an option. Being able to give everything to this little boy is so important to us, and deciding to throw away my (half of a) degree would be insensible, in my opinion! Besides, this babe has expensive taste- and not to mention it gets me out of the house, baby free, twice a week! Can't beat that! ;)

A couple months ago we became official members of a church in Jacksonville. It's a beautiful cathedral in downtown Jax. The inside is extremely intricate and gold- my favorite! It's just gorgeous. Juan and I found the most random little hole in the wall in downtown Jax last week after church. And by found, I mean we hunted this place down like it was the Fountain of Youth. We had heard about this new "cronut craze", and Uptown Market is the only place in Jacksonville that sells cronuts. Let me introduce to you the croissant- doughnut. The cronut. It's New York's new big thing, and the owner of Uptown Market has done us all a solid and perfected it for all of Jacksonville to enjoy. Hop on board with the cronut craze, you will not be disappointed!

So there you have it, our recent randoms. We're just all over the place, sort of like this post. What does a typical week look like for you, mamas? Today we joined in on the Christmas fun at the Holiday Spectacular event in the Town Center; Juan just went in to work, and I have a girlfriend coming over to make Christmas goodies and craft! Tis' the season, folks! Cheers!


  1. Barnes and Noble is my favorite! Can't wait to take the little miss there when she gets a bit older! Can't wait for Christmas either!

  2. Austin doesn't look like baby he looks like a little man! He is looking all cute in that buggie! I love it!!!

  3. We've never taken our baby man to b&n, but I'm sure he would love it. Your little guy looks like he is loving it. :)

  4. We've never taken our baby man to b&n, but I'm sure he would love it. Your little guy looks like he is loving it. :)

  5. My grandbaby, I love him soo much! Also, his mommy and daddy! See you soon.

  6. We are busy bodies too, I love it!! And go you for doing all of the above AND going to school:) Super mom!!

    Boy, oh {mamas} boys Blog

  7. Ahhh - I miss B&N! The closest one to us right now is 45 minutes away.

    My Charlotte has expensive taste too. Trenton could care less what he's dressed in, but Charlotte always wants to be dressed to the nines!

  8. can't wait to take little one to B&N - so much fun stuff for the littles there!