Sunday, June 2, 2013

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I pride myself on being a good gift giver. I'm that girl on Christmas who gets more excited about seeing others' reactions to their gifts rather than opening my own. My gifts are never rarely half assed. Hey mom, remember that one time on Mother's Day you opened your present and found a "Congratulations, you're a Grandma!" scrapbook? Sorry about that.
My point is, I'm a -No socks in the stocking- kinda girl. And Father's Day is no different.

If your husband (or dad) is anything like Juan, he will love any of these gifts from your little ones (or you)!

Tervis Tumblers: Let me start off by saying the Martinez household has an entire shelf full of these. And Juan still begs for more whenever we go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Online, you can also customize your own tumbler with a picture of you and dad... a perfect gift!

Cowboy Father and Son Wall Decor: We actually already have this, Juan picked it out himself at Hobby Lobby. An adorable gift to daddy from his little man!

Polo Hat: You can't go wrong with any  matching daddy/son (or daughter) outfit.

JCPenny Portraits: I'm thinking about taking the Martinez men (plus Juan's dad and minus Duke) to the portrait studio at JCPenny's for some Father's Day pictures. This is where Austin had his one month pictures taken, and they do a pretty good job. Plus it's only a 9 dollar sitting fee per person, unless you are a member (like us), then it's free!
BBQ Set: We actually do not own one. This really is a necessary household item. We attempted our first BBQ at the new apartment a couple of days ago, it wasn't until we were ready to walk downstairs that we realized we had absolutely no BBQ tools. We compromised with salad tongs and a steak knife. This may find its way into Juan's Father's Day basket...

The Art of Shaving: Juan loves growing out his Duck Dynasty beard. I really hate it. So, I try to take advantage of Juan's passion for fancy shaving tools (though I'm sure if he had some they would collect dust) by taking him to The Art of Shaving store for a professional shave. They do a great job- and it's such a classy little room. 

I think this calls for a picture of me with my daddy...

and the babes with their daddy.


  1. I love the idea of the Father's Day pictures.
    Love, mommy

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  3. Did you get grill tools?

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