Sunday, March 30, 2014

First Beach Day of the Year

Austin's first official beach day was last July in Ponte Vedra and he made it as clear as the crystal blue water that he is a definite Florida babe. Of course he couldn't walk then, so our time and activities at the beach were pretty limited. He did enjoy sprawling out with daddy under the umbrella with his bottle and a few toys, as well as dipping his baby toes in the water!
Austin's second trip to the beach was just a few months ago- but it was very short lived. After a mini photoshoot with his cousin Tyler, he romped in the sand for a bit and then we left after they both had meltdowns.

This afternoon we went with grandma to the beach for a hot minute before we decided that we were way too under staffed to keep up with Austin's big ideas. He kept checking in on the blonde toddler next to us- I think her parents were less than pleased. They had the neatest little tent overhang and I had to literally sit down and talk myself out of buying one as soon as we got home. It was something like this- too cool! Today Austin wasn't interested in the water, his main concern was throwing sand and collecting shells. And eating bananas out of grandma's hand. Heads up, don't let your one year old feed himself at the beach if you can help it. This banana almost turned into a crunchy mess.

Currently our beach bag contains pretty standard stuff that you'd expect to be thrown in when beaching it with babies. I have found that water shoes are an extreme win. I was the only one whining today about the hot sand, and I don't have to scan the ground for possible ouchies when Austin is wearing them. Obviously snacks and water are a necessity, along with baby sunscreen and a fun toy! A simple bucket and shovel are perfect for a baby/toddler to collect treasures!

It was a beautiful day and we were even able to make it over to the park afterwards. Pretty sure I made a mental note like point two seconds after getting out of the car to never go back during the weekend. I think everyone, their mothers, and their germ infested four year olds came out to play this afternoon. Guess everyone is just as ready as we are for this weather and Spring season!
Now, who will be joining me for the Walking Dead finale tonight? #daryldixoniloveyou

Have a great week, folks!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Recap

St. Patrick's Day really snuck up on us this past week... Sunday night was a mad dash around the house, gathering as much green as I could to incorporate into Austin's second St. Paddy's Day. I was able to scrounge up some jumbo green easter eggs to use as containers for his fruit in his lunchbox, and I even found the shamrock blanket we used for Austin's pictures last year. At the last minute (quite literally), I remembered that we snatched up these shamrock booties on super sale last summer. If it weren't for amazing holiday clearance sales, Austin would have worn his green camouflage jammies to school. Like I said, this day really snuck up on us. Praise you, Old Navy clearance- these gems were practically free! I am all for stocking up on future holiday wear after everything goes on clearance. I bought Austin's 4th of July 2014 outfit one week after last year's 4th. Again, practically free. #winning
On most days, Austin's afternoon snack immediately follows his nap. Babe decided to make St. Patrick's Day an exception. And why not? It's a holiday after all- time to celebrate, mom. So after a failed attempt at a nap, I tried my hand at green pancakes. Pretty? Yes. Even the slightest bit yummy? Hell to the no. However, a squirt (or four) of whipped cream and a few lucky charm marshmallows on top was enough to sell this kid. I blame Shake n' Bake Bisquick- that stuff tasted like straight Playdough. With a full belly, Austin finally settled down for like a 5 second nap. When I thought he was finally out for the count, I snuck in to cover him up. I envy you moms who are able to sneak in during nap time, whether to ogle over your sleeping angel or to snap a few pictures. This no nap ninja catches me every single time. I think I got one arm under the blanket when his eyes shot open and scared the living daylights out of me. I sort of yelped, grabbed the other half of the blanket, threw it on him and ran out. I think he cried for another half hour until I waved my white flag.

Playdough Pancakes made an appearance at dinner as well- along with some corned beef of course! 

Babe was finally ready for bed around 7. Holidays are so much fun with this kid, but really enough to wear you out for the next few days. I ended my night with a green beer (and then McDonalds, whoops) in the company of my two best friends, one newly engaged, and her fiancĂ©. 

And as luck would have it, the next day I was reminded of our festive green pancakes when Austin's morning diaper greeted me in the exact same color. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hi again!

We're back! Sort of. After two weeks of suddenly going MIA- I'm finally back to shoot out a little update. Austin ventured with Juan to Texas last week- leaving Dukie and I a two man wolfpack. For a week. What do baby-less, young people do again? What does a baby blog post about when you take the baby out of the picture? Austin had an amazing time with his daddy and cousins in Texas. I swear he came home an inch taller.
So, I'm back for a hot second to let you know that I'm leaving again. Just taking a small break until... Easter...ish? Possibly a post (or two) a week until then. We are enjoying the warm weather and getting back into the groove of normal, healthy people not shelled up with a dozen boxes of Kleenex. 
Happy Spring! See you soon!