Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6 Month Favorites

Austin is halfway to his first birthday. I cannot believe it. I remember absolutely everything from the day he was born, and so vividly. Our guests, and their reactions... the hospital food... his entire first day at home... and then, a blur. Everything went by too quickly. My little scrunched potato who barely moved and slept all day is now scooting clear across the room- I blink my eyes and he is making a beeline for Duke's tail or someone's shoe. He grows bigger and sweeter every day- I just love him! Whether he's spitting green beans in my face, pulling out chunks of my hair, or drooling all over my Lilly dress, I can't get enough of him (hah, just remember that at the end of each day, Jennifer). I could go on and on about every single thing I love about my angel, and probably do, sometimes, but I will spare you for the time being and just throw out some mommy tips that I've picked up over the past few months.
But first, his 6 month favorites.

(As fashionable as they are, the pink crocs are not Austin's- despite his best efforts. He loves his Peach's shiny pink crocs. They could entertain him for hours all on their own.)

Tips and Tidbits
1. Austin doesn't care if his socks match or if his blanket compliments his outfit, so stop jeopardizing your timeliness for your color coordinated 6 month old.
2. Go ahead, feed him lunch wearing your new outfit. Everything looks better with green beans and carrots on it.
3. A slobbery mouth is the best mouth, and wet kisses are the only kisses. (Duke agrees.)
4. English sounds as silly to him as I thought Spanish did, it's all foreign to a baby.
5. Do not ever (again) decide attempt to suddenly become Supermom and change the explosion of a diaper in the back seat of the car whilst standing outside in the pouring down rain. News flash, you're not Wonder Woman.
6. Every store, every boutique, and every website will always have cuter girls' clothes. It's a fact of life. Accept it, and get over it. No, you cannot put a bow on your baby boy. Girls' aqua shorts, maybe.


  1. Austin is such a cute baby boy!
    Ive never attempted to change my daughters diaper in the car and I never will! Haha thanks for the tip ;)
    Life with Baby Sophia

  2. ok...are his lips just to die for!?!? He is the cutes! I love this pool floaty thing too!

  3. Such a sweet baby! Just like his Mama was at that age!!! Love you!! Laurie

  4. I love you baby Austin!

  5. Cute pics! We love that float too, best one hands down :)

  6. He's a handsome little charmer! This seems like such a fun age :)