Sunday, July 14, 2013

Welcome back, sanity

Last night Austin slept like a baby log!
(Can someone please explain that "sleep like a baby" phrase to me, because it has been my experience that a sleeping baby is kind of a conditional thing. At any moment, all hell could break loose. The scariest thing is waking up in the middle of the night to a 1 month old baby wide awake, staring at you- bloody murder scream in 3... 2...1. I digress.) 
After almost one month of waking up every two hours, we are finally back on track. I hope I didn't just jinx it. Read all about my nightmare of a baby in this post. Not only am I well-rested and (somewhat) sane again, but I am completely stumped. I have no idea what changed and caused him to get back on his regular sleeping schedule, but I am thanking my lucky stars. 
Sweet baby, mommy loves you and thanks you times infinity and beyond.

Lately, I've been going a bit crazy with online shopping. Austin has tonssss of clothes, more than any little (soon to be) 6 month old baby boy should. But there's one problem... it seems that once he hits that 12 month mark, my little angel will be running around stark naked as a jaybird. (Not that mommy would mind, he does have the cutest baby booty in the business, after all.) We have zero clothes past 12 months. None. Zilch. Thank goodness for thinking ahead, right?! I've been hitting up all of the online clearance sales- buying clothes that will fit him well into his first year. Mostly adorable spring pastels, of course. I'm calling this "early Christmas shopping" so the husband won't be too upset. And, tell the truth, would you be able to pass up these adorable 4th of July shorts?
By the way, is it acceptable for a baby to wear seersucker before Easter? Yes? Great. (Item added to cart.)

This babe deserves everything and more.


  1. Sweetie, it has been wonderful having you and Austin here for the summer! I am going to miss you both when you go back to school in August.

  2. I always said the same thing about "Slept like a baby". I think it should be "Slept like a husband"! My hubby would literally sleep through a tornado.

  3. Aww, love the photos of him with his dog :)