Sunday, October 6, 2013


October has been crazy for us. School is entirely too demanding, as are all of the Martinez men. These guys don't function without their lady. (Dusting off my horn's dust, and toot toot!) My parents came to visit, so Juan and I got away for an hour Friday afternoon. Even if it was for just an hour, right up the road- a quick trip to Target feels like a damn vacation these days.

My camera has been collecting dust on my mom's computer desk. It's alive! Amen! No more iPhone pictures. One marriage and kid ago I would have tried to convince you that your life was pointless without this camera. A hot pink Canon Powershot. What more would a college girl need?? Add a husband and baby- the college girl needs a lot more. A lot more.
 Hi mommy, my birthday is in two months.

Fall decor has begun transforming our home. Pumpkin here, pumpkin there, pumpkins in the bathroom. Basically we are running a small pumpkin patch. And folks, let me tell you, its all fun and pumpkins until you've got a gooey, half eaten mess all over your new floors and kid.

Duke. The dog ate my pumpkin. And he didn't just eat it, he slung it, rolled in it, then licked his brother. I'm not sure if he was hungry, bored, or wanted to taste Fall like the rest of us, but I do know that I am one pumpkin down. Hardly a dent, but still, my dog ate my pumpkin. And I will never forget it. 

Austin's compassion got the best of him. He couldn't stand to see his brother the object of our ridicule, sweet angel.

We have yet to leave the house today- we are still in our jammies (or completely naked in Austin's case), and there is Pumpkin Spice burning in the kitchen (and stuck to our floors). It's a wonderful Sunday and I am feeling incredibly blessed with my Martinez men. Even the greedy dog. 


  1. This picture of you dog is so funny! Love it!

  2. I love your dog shaming picture, too cute!

  3. Oh the dog-ster! :) Silly thing!

    have an amazing Thursday!