Friday, May 30, 2014

Feels Like Summer

Lately we've been getting little tastes of summertime- and I absolutely love it. I think this past three day weekend really got us into the groove. We had a pretty traditional Memorial Day: backyard, barbeque, beer. Okay, so no beer. In that case, can I even call it a traditional, American Memorial Day celebration? Nevertheless, it was pretty freaking awesome.
Our day was alive with the summer season. Big pool, baby pool, and Fourth of July Pandora on the cutest retro radio you ever did see. (Austin really knows how to pick his Mother's Day gifts. ;)) Did I mention chalk and bubblesIn the mouth. Both the chalk and bubbles. Just when you think your kid has turned into such a little adult, he takes a giant bite of the calcium sulfate.
And of course, we held in our hearts and minds some of America's truest heroes, our fallen soldiers. Something pretty neat that I learned the other day: Israel's Memorial Day includes a one minute siren that sounds throughout the entire country, signaling everyone to stop what they are doing in honor and remembrance of their fallen soldiers. Highways stop, people get out of their cars. Talk about an honorable tradition. A girlfriend of mine has spent the last several months exploring Israel, and I love the vicarious thrill that her blog gives us. Us, meaning we who sometimes consider handing the tot who insists on making dessert out of our limbs over to the neighbors and high tailing it for the nearest airport. I joke. We are, however, three days "bite free." #success
Though it'll be hard to top last weekend, we do have a bit to look forward to over the next couple of days. A wedding, decorating Austin's latest nursery big boy room, bathing suit shopping (wait, I hate that), and the HALF HOUR PHONE CALL WITH JUAN that I've been promised may just do the trick. I'm not quite sure what's going down on his base, but I am fairly certain that the highlight of my week was the surprise phone call that I received during my Wednesday night class from the little whispering Colombian hiding in the supply closet who  "pulled a few strings" to call and check in.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Choice to Dwell

For every one in this small hometown of mine it has been no secret that I have been living in the same two pairs of shoes and monotonous nail polish colors for the past few months. I'm going to be a total hypocrite for a flash second and use the phrase that's at the top of my Blacklist... First World Problems. (You know, the list where you can also find "legit." Barf.) It has been killing me knowing that three hours away, my collection of nail polish, workout clothes, and shoes have been waiting for my return in my overpriced storage unit. Among other (I guess somewhat more important) items like dishes, furniture...
Juan's Army process began in December, so it was around that time our house slowly began losing its "homey feel." Four months of enjoying our new little space, that's all we had. The realization that I would have to temporarily move back to my hometown quickly became a reality. I love the extra help with Austin, I love his school, and of course, all of the attention he gets from his grandparents. But after living on my own for so long- having my own life and home- it's hard to come back to this.
I miss the responsibility of living on my own. I miss making decisions for myself and for my son- without twelve and a half different points of view distorting my judgment.
I miss stand alone Chick-fil-A's on every corner, dammit. 
This current chapter of the Martinez family life is what is best for each one of us, and that is what keeps me grounded. I could lie in bed each morning, dwelling on the fact that I have no one to share with the equal disappointment and hilarity that is our son biting his friends at school. Because the only person who can truly parallel my feelings for Austin is hundreds of miles away. I could dwell on the frustration that comes each time I sit down to write a letter, knowing that by the time any news reaches Juan, it will be old news.

 Or, I can keep reminding myself that this new part of Juan's life is so important, and will pave the way for so many new opportunities. I can hug our baby a little tighter- thanking God for his life, and for always having a part of Juan with me. And that's what I try to do.
I could dwell on the absence of that giant, wet nose that once reminded me that I was on mom duty at the crack of dawn. I do dwell on the thought of Duke, without his daddy and unable to understand why he is living in a new home or when daddy is coming back for him.

Again, I have to constantly remind myself that not only does Duke now have a house versus a condo, but that he is also living with one of Juan's closest friends, and another dog! This arrangement is the best one for him, and I'm sure that when Juan returns at the end of the year, Dukie won't be quite ready to leave ;)
It's all a choice. Every day, I try to make the choice to stay positive. Some days are better than others. (I can't blame it all on the fever when I broke down on Mother's Day.) But today, I'm choosing to share this with you, and I'm choosing to keep in mind the big picture. This new chapter in our lives is definitely testing us, but I know that it will prove to be worth it.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

Our original Mother's Day plans were turned upside down when Austin and I woke up sick. (Typical, right? We all remember what happened the morning of his first birthday party...) A lunch date with my mom and grandma Peach, matching pink and green outfits for the babe and myself. Such a shame. I couldn't even manage to get out of my jams on Sunday.
Despite his cold, Austin really pulled it together- it's amazing how children can be coughing up a lung one minute, and running around in circles the next. I've got to hand it to the kid, he made sick look good.  Meanwhile, I observed from the couch, under two blankets and a heating pad. Although we weren't able to get dressed up and document our day with pictures and a fun write up, my second Mother's Day turned out to be completely rewarding and blessed, in every way possible. Despite the fever and runny noses. When I broke down in tears, Austin crawled up onto the couch with me and buried his little body into mine until I calmed down. He didn't leave my side. And my own mom spent her day taking care of the both of us, without a second thought or complaints. I truly have the most wonderful mom, and Austin made me feel (almost) as wonderful through his sweet concern and complete disregard for his own sickness. It's the little things, it truly is.

Today, I finally feel like a normal person again. I'm out of my jammies, brushed my hair, and even had enough energy to press a little harder on the gas pedal to go the actual speed limit. Yeah, I know, weird. I've been in super slow motion, it's like the energy was completely sucked out of me these last few days.

We're looking forward to celebrating a bit more this Sunday- without the tears and tissues! Happy (almost) Weekend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Siete de Mayo

So like I so excitedly mentioned the other day, Mexican for dinner and the obligatory mustache just about sums up this year's Cinco celebration for us... 
On that mustache talk- (the real topic of this post >>) if you follow me on Instagram, you're probably wondering why I haven't mentioned Juan's latest news on the blog. Not sure. I mustache you the same question? Ok, I'm done. You liked that transition though.

Over the past several months, my dream chasing husband has been hard at work getting himself involved in one of his many life long dreams. Juan is now in the United States Army and he left last week to begin his training. On Monday his phone was taken away. (We get three, one minute calls over the next few months. Thanks Army, really doing me a favor.) I'm not going to elaborate- but I can tell you that I am so proud of this determined man and soldier. Austin and I have been on top of our snail mail game, writing silly letters to remind daddy that there is an outside world waiting for him when he is done. 

His whole world is here waiting for him.
And for the record, Austin was the only Martinez man sporting a stach this week. Praise Jesus the army took that awful thing from Juan almost immediately. I guess I owe them one, after all.

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Short Weekend Recap

It was the dreariest of Saturdays- isn't that always how it seems to go when you've got big plans?? I had been anticipating a pool day for quite some time... clearly I wasn't checking the weather forecast for the day! It rained all afternoon, so our Saturday was spent doing not much of anything. My (longest and oh so hardworking) best friend and I were up bright and early at Austin's school ready to log the last of my volunteer hours. I'll give the school major points for really taking advantage of every parent's need for volunteer hours, because this girl spent her morning macheteing branches, pulling weeds, tossing the brush over the (tall) fence, then hauling it down to the front of the school. Why hire a lawn service when you have your students' parents? I have never been so thankful for my tall rain boots. Best idea I've ever had wearing those bright pink beauts. We came back home covered in dirt and grass stains, ready for a cold shower and a long nap- but Austin had other plans. Not big enough plans, I suppose, because the rest of the day was lazy (read: boring). 

Sunday brought beautiful, sunny skies and a light breeze. Perfect for a lunch date with a few girlfriends. It was such a treat to get out for a few hours after Saturday's mood. It was a Sunday Funday, indeed!
By the way, you can totally just walk through this fancy hotel in Vero and eat out back by the pool. Heck, we could have used the pool. I felt so classy- until the wind knocked over our cups of water. Twice. Then my french fries blew into the pool and I had to practically stare down a swimmer to grab them out. (For real, you're already wet, kid. I am not jumping in.) It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon, nevertheless. We finished up our lunch date at Christina's house, watching her make us some of our very own Southern Sequins bangles! I am in love with them- she is so talented! 

My mom just texted to remind me that it's Cinco de Mayo- like I had some sort of plan for the day. I think I still have those blue mustaches on a stick from Austin's party... so there's that.... 
Mexican is on the menu for dinner, so that's pretty festive, am I right? Cheers!