Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's a Party in the USA

We kicked off our beautiful 4th of July morning with a festive breakfast- a breakfast bar complete with red velvet pancakes, cream cheese frosting, and fruit kabobs. For the fruit kabobs, instead of using marshmallows or bananas, we used pound cake. Personally, I don't like to sit there downing marshmallows, unless they are on a graham cracker covered in chocolate. And bananas would have gotten gooey, so pound cake it was. 
Austin's first 4th of July! I think this has been his favorite holiday, yet. He rocked his flag jams like a champ, I had half a brain to place my hand over my heart and break out in Star Spangled Banner tunes every time I looked at him- or at least hoist him up a flag pole. You see those chocolate cookie looking things that babe is about to get his hands on...? Those are my ill attempt at red velvet pancakes. Guess I need more food coloring and less cocoa powder next time- at least they tasted yummy! We topped the pancakes with cream cheese frosting and whipped cream... delish!
After a rainy week, the 4th brought nothing but sunshine and clear skies. We had a bang up good time sailing, swimming, and then cooking out. I enjoyed baking in the sun while Juan and my uncle sailed us around the river. And bake I did- holy sun burn. OUCH. 
Meet Casey. Have you ever seen Marley and Me? That pretty much sums up this 9 year old chocolate lab. About 10 minutes before this picture was taken, he jumped up on the kitchen counter and grabbed 7 hotdogs. SEVEN. He ate every last one. Stomach of steel I tell you. Needless to say, Juan and I had to make another beer hot dog run. 

We watched the fireworks show over the river from my grandpa's third story condo. Talk about front row seats. Austin was mesmerized by the beautiful light show- with the crazy booms, I'm surprised he didn't throw a fit. He was a complete gentleman and loved every minute of it. 
Juan had to go back to Jacksonville early Friday morning, so the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing with my cousins before they head back to Blue Ridge.
You know you're from Florida when... you roast marshmallows using your poolside chiminea. Pretty darn good. It's no campfire or fireplace, but this little chiminea gets the job done. I have been craving s'mores for quite some time, so this was a great treat to top off a great weekend. 

It is now Sunday afternoon, and after a packed full and festive weekend, Austin is a little terror. He has stayed up late the past few nights, and throwing that in with his everlasting no nap ninja self, it makes for a very cranky baby. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was my best friend this morning. We need you back, daddy! 
Please bear with me and this lame excuse of a couples picture. "Mommy and daddy, only" pictures are tough these days. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! 


  1. My daughter, you are such a talented photographer, writer, and mother to baby Austin! I love you!!
    Grand mommy

  2. Jennifer! I am loving your pictures! You are so comical in your writing! You crack me up! I nominated you for this award. Go to my blog to check it out.

    Lil Bit Country In the Classroom

    1. thanks! you are the second person but I'm not sure what to do, or if I'm going to keep it going. But thank you!!! :)

  3. Those pajamas!!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!! I need those!!! And their matching swim trunks?!?! Is there anything more adorable??? LOVE!

  4. You had me at red velvet pancakes with cream cheese frosting, did you really have to throw in those cute patriotic baby clothes too?? I die.

  5. Love all of his cute baby clothes! And the food???! Yum! :)

  6. I love all of your festive decorations!! I nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Head on over to my blog to see what you're supposed to do next!