Monday, April 28, 2014

Fifteen Months

Weight: 24 pounds plus a few ounces. He's lost a bit of weight, which initially had us concerned... but his doctor assured us that he is very healthy and that it's normal. Phew! Active little boy.

Length: 33 inches- in the 99th percentile!

Favorite Toys: Cars, balls, and real phones ("that's not a toy, Austin")

Favorite Activities: Dancing- which consists of clapping, head bobbing, and a low key Twerk. Going for rides in his set of wheels and doing just about anything outdoors. Phones are his latest interest- can you picture a 33 inch tall little human running across the house to answer the phone when it rings? His determination is priceless.
Mom's Latest Oops: Last week, Austin was showing off his moves on a small bench in the children's section at Barnes and Noble. He got so into it that he shimmied himself right off the bench and face planted. Got the entire thing on video. Sorry baby.

Dad's Latest Oops: On our flight home from Texas, Juan was a little too checked in to Candy Crush to notice Austin crawling into his lap. Next thing I know, he's flying through the air and landing on the ground in between our feet. Other than a tiny scratch and possible judgement passed by the other passengers, everything is fine. I think I guilted Juan out of all his Candy Crush pleasure for the rest of forever.
This past week, Juan and I mentioned how fast Austin is growing up at least a dozen times. In Texas, Juan's grandma must have reminded me at least five dozen times that before I know it, Austin will be married with a family of his own. The baby who just the other night insisted on sleeping with his mommy for the first time since he was three months old? I can't even think about him growing up. I won't even.

I've been going through old pictures on Juan's phone and rapid texting myself pictures of Austin that I had forgotten about. And FOR THE LOVE this man won't let me delete any pictures from his phone- not the blurred one of the back of Austin's head, nor the ridiculous video of me snoring in my sleep. (Not totally convinced it's me. I do not snore.) Maybe I will thank him one day.

Love you, angel babe.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


As the Texas Easter rage carries on strong downstairs, I'm tucked in for the night with my new book and a handful of confetti tangled in my hair. It's the same fun company we met over our Texas Thanksgiving, but I can't even bring myself to get out of bed to sneak another Peep cupcake into my room.

Our morning started off a bit slow- and well into the afternoon, actually. Very different than every other Easter I've experienced. There wasn't much indication that it was even Easter other than this babe in his bunny romper and festive bib. Finally around 3 the house became alive with bustling children complaining about their matching Easter dresses and Juan and I tag teaming Austin while attempting to get ourselves ready for church. 

(And I swear by this face he totally realized he was supposed to have a basket waiting for him as soon as he woke up. #whereareyouEaster?)

Austin participated in his first Easter egg hunt and pretty much nailed it. Most nights I have Austin put away his own toys, so he picked up eggs and "put it away" like a boss. Until he began to spot far more glorious baskets. Then it quickly turned into a game of catch him before he steals that unsuspecting toddler's eggs. Maybe if we hadn't forgotten his basket at home and tried to pass this Trader Joe's reusable bag off as an awesome vessel to stuff his loot in...

Austin finally got his Easter basket right before dinner. Oh and dare I share my little mishap of thinking (way too) far ahead... this Easter outfit bought several months in advance was a bit on the snug side- so homeboy strutted his unbuttoned self around all damn evening. His cousin's pink bib certainly added a little something as well. 

Remember that talk of confetti? True story. Still there, and probably will be for a while. So I'm calling it a night after a crazy eventful evening that felt like an entire day of Easter madness. I hope you and yours had a wonderful celebration! 


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Basket Goodies

It's April. IT'S APRIL! Spring is hereeeee, folks! After several weeks of packing up winter sweaters and boots, then unpacking them the next day because of a surprise cool afternoon- I think it's safe to say warmer weather is here to stay! Austin's adorable spring wardrobe thanks you, mother nature. For real though, if I had to squeeze those darn car seat buckles over and shut around a puffy jacket one more time, I think I might sell the car and start flanneling it on foot with the stroller for carline each morning. 

Easter will be here soon! Easter egg hunts, dying Easter eggs, sunrise mass and Easter baskets. I love putting together a good Easter basket. Of course, it's only our second year doing so, but how could you possibly go wrong!? I think I could fill seven Easter baskets from the goodies on the Target dollar aisle, alone. Austin's basket has been finished for a few weeks now, and I am so excited to share his treats with you! Target definitely served as our one stop Easter basket supplier this year.
Austin is now obsessed with drinking from straws, and I am borderline obsessed with that chick sippy cup, so really it's a win-win. Also, Austin has never had a pair of sneakers, he's been rocking his Stride Rites and Clarks ever since he could walk- so I know he's finally going to enjoy romping through the dirt and mud in his new sneakers, without mommy following him around with her Mrs. Potato head angry eyes and a package of wet wipes. We found the chalk, bubbles, and slinky in the dollar aisle. I am so anxious to open up the chalk and get to work on the driveway, and Austin and I may have already gotten some use out of the bubbles since two came in the package.

As for me, I'll be happy with a fun, spring nail polish... or three... in my Easter basket :) A giant flower headband would be pretty festive, too.

Happy Easter basketing! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014


A typical weekday for us has become pretty routine. Austin goes to morning school Monday through Friday from 8 to noon and I'd be pulling your leg if I told you that I am up and ready to kick the day's butt by the time he wakes up each morning. He has his own little internal alarm clock, and he has become mine as well. Usually I hear the first peeps out of him between 6:30 and 7 each morning... snooze button, please. After taking thirty eight selfies in the carline each morning, I greet his teachers in my flannels. They come and get him out of the car- practically begging me to stay cozy in my jams, yeah? I'm almost expecting the day someone asks me to step into the office for a second or I run out of gas and have to haul my flanneled butt up the side of the road.
 A bit of a porch revamp inspiration has tossed us into a new afternoon routine. We've added a few outdoor toys to Austin's collection, making sunny spring and summer playtime an absolute blast and a daily necessity to keep this stir crazy mama from flying fast off the handle. So with our slow progress on Austin's outdoor oasis, we've decided to squeeze in some time before afternoon nap to play outside. An hour of outdoor fun after getting home from morning school is the perfect amount of time for Austin to get his last bit of energy out before his nap.
After what's usually an hour and a half nap, we turn it over to snack time. Spring snacks have been so much fun to prepare, and it's even more fun to pretend the kid enjoys the festive setup as much as I do. Target has some adorable Spring plates in the dollar aisle and I've found that if you just plop some fruit into an Easter egg and add some color, you've got yourself a damn picnic.
After snack time, things tend to get switched up on a day to day basis. The late afternoons into early evenings are spent either running errands or visiting grandmommy. Naturally some evenings are better than others, and I count the days with one (or no) tantrums as a definite score.

Baths are daily for Austin. Being around kids all morning and then outside in the afternoon... we just can't skip baths over here. Besides, what kid doesn't love getting you drenched- along with the entire area of the bathroom- and bobbing for bubbles? And be still my pajama loving heart, there is nothing sweeter than a clean, pure baby in jammies ready to be tucked in. 

Goodnight! & TGIF. Almost. ;)