Friday, June 27, 2014

Father's Day Pictures: A Little Late

The idea of these pictures as one of Juan's Father's Day gifts was anything but last minute. I ordered Austin's shirt weeks in advance and the chalkboard has been good and ready, sitting in a corner for quite some time. I can't even tell you why we couldn't manage to get our my shit together and actually sit down and do the thing- it just never happened.  

So here we are, almost two weeks late, finally having our Father's Day photo shoot! I was only able to capture serious cheekies, that boy wouldn't crack a smile for anything!
Per the usual (and convenient), all pictures were snapped on my phone. The natural lighting wasn't great, and my attempt to blur out the folds of the sheet definitely shows. But nevertheless, I really think daddy is going to love these! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

16 & 17 Months

"He will be a year and a half next month." That's been my answer for the past few weeks when asked Austin's age. How is he already almost a year and a half? Just one more half and he will be two?! Sometimes I do forget that he's still such a babe- he could fool anyone into thinking that he's well on his way to preschool with his blatant attitude and urgency to brush his teeth twice three times a day. (Wonder how long that will last.) But then I remember that a few weeks ago he tried to down a bottle of bubbles, and just this morning he mistook his snot for lotion. Yep, he's definitely only one (and almost a half).

This past week was the first of Austin's month long "Summer Vacation." We're giving him a four week break from morning school to enjoy some extra time with his grandma who is home for the summer... I may also have secret hopes that he will decide to sleep in one of these days... Austin if you're reading this- hint, hint. Oh, and he's been sick every month since January. Soooo there's that. Pediatrician three times just this month. Yeah. So I hope this time off gives his immune system a break!

Sick or not, the kid can rock it.
Favorite Activities: Reading- mostly I Ruff You. I have it memorized. Swimming in the big pool, as well as sliding down his slide into his baby pool. Imitating everything I do. He is obsessed with headbands and carrying shopping bags around the house on his shoulder. Juan, you need to come home and take this boy fishing. ;)

Babe is an excellent shopper. Lately he's been going on his own little shopping trips around the house. What's a trip to "Target" without our Starbucks? And can we please talk about that "purse" he wrapped around himself? Thank goodness he couldn't actually find one and grabbed a lifeguard whistle instead. But really, Juan. Come. Home.
Austin is finally down for his morning nap, then we'll be on our way to the weekend Farmer's Market and later hit up a ginormous sale at the kid's consignment shop! #bargainhunters

Happy first day of Summer! Cheers!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bedrooms and Nail Clippers

Over the past few weeks I've been feeling a bit creative. Nothing too crazy, just a moderate amount that I've recently noticed. Since leaving Jacksonville, I'd say my drive to craft and create has been, well, nonexistent. My thought process has been looking a bit like: Why am I even decorating this bedroom that isn't really mine? It would make things so much easier if I could use this giant ass (empty) gun cabinet taking up a fourth of my room as an extra closet- but it smells. Bad. And I should set up my scrapbooking station- but to do what? Document all of the pictures that I am not taking?

 I've slowly been crafting little projects for Austin's room, as well as adding piece by piece to the gallery wall in my own room. Basically the contents of Austin's entire bedroom are still in Jacksonville, so we are making do with what was already in the guest room. Luckily we had an extra crib already down here!
In addition to improving our bedrooms, I have also noticed this burst of innovation in my "gift giving." More specifically, in my "it's my husband's birthday- Father's Day is also coming up- and I'm not allowed to send our soldier diddly-squat- wait, you say nail clippers are allowed? Thank God. I'll send nail clippers" giving. You can bet Juan received some of the finest nail clippers for his 26th birthday. The man is for real about his nail clippers. We also sent some pens (per his request), cough drops, a few pictures, and a promise to celebrate soon. One of the pictures that I sent had our song typed on it- I was so proud that I then had it laminated and made an extra copy for myself! We first sang this song to Austin when he was in my belly. And one of my favorite memories is of Juan and I conga lining in and out of our kitchen, singing this song on repeat. Three month old Austin was in Juan's arms, soaking up every little bit of silly.
So it's now Father's Day and Juan's package has yet to be mailed. I was early with his birthday, so this was expected. I can't be on top of things on a regular basis, it's just not happening. No nail clippers this time, at least. Austin had a little Father's Day photoshoot at school, so we'll be including that in Juan's package, along with the sweetest painted baby feeties with the classic "Walk With Me, Daddy" poem, and a few pictures of Austin from our own photoshoot that also has yet to happen. Austin will be rocking this shirt. Perfect.

Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful dads out there, including the two best grandpas that Austin could have asked for!!!