Friday, February 28, 2014

12 & 13 Month Stats

Austin has hit "teen" months. Comparable to teenage years, but in diapers. Humor me, mamas of adolescents. 
He has become so spirited, and I have an anxious feeling that I'm in for a whirlwind of sass these upcoming months. This toddler's newfound sense of free will and sporadic moments of downright opposition are enough to have me crawling into bed before 9 (what?) and half considering tossing back a sippy cup of grape juice, adult style. 
Weight: 24 pounds 8 ounces
Length: 31 inches
Favorite Toys: Bouncy Balls for the win, with legos being a close second. And nothing says welcome NASCAR season like a set of new wheels. Austin loves his new ride from his aunt and cousins!
Favorite Activities: Cruising in his new wheels around the neighborhood. Giving kiss kisses. Climbing on anything and everything. The 3 minute streak through the house before bath time, diaper off.

So that 3 minute streak prior to bath time is actually a nightly routine over here, and it's one of my favorite moments of the day. As our day finally begins to wrap up, we let Austin have a last little hurrah each night before his bath. Nothing says I kept the kid alive and happy another day like a naked baby running throughout the house, hands in the air, and a half moon plastered on his face in between a set of the sweetest dimples. Picture perfect. He loves it and is was always somehow able to keep it together- careful not to leave any surprises. Was.

One night a few weeks ago I left the streaker alone for a few minutes- doing his naked baby thang. Until he did it. The babiest of thangs. He squatted in the doorway of my bedroom and left a not so baby pile of human shit. There really is no polite way to explain the situation that began to unfold, no way to tiptoe around the mess that soon became my house. Cue the wild rumpus. Two seconds too late in snatching him up left us with a treaded through pile of mush, an all too pleased baby on the loose, and a path of brown footprints poopprints giving away his every move. What felt like an intense, 30 minute episode of Cops was really just a 60 second preview. Eventually the culprit was cornered and plopped into the bathtub.

And wouldn't you know it, I haven't learned from this mistake. Pre bath streaks are still pretty nightly over here. Wiping, scrubbing and sanitizing the floors seems like a small price to pay for the joy that these nightly moments of freedom bring Austin. That's not to say that I may not lose my own shit if he ever decides to repeat offense on the carpet. Or dog. Fingers are crossed that this was a one time offense, but who gets that lucky? 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tantrums and Greek Food

It's been one of those weeks, you know the kind. Whoever said temper tantrums fell under the Terrible Twos was a dirty liar. I am not prepared to handle the stage ten meltdowns that my one year old is now a huge fan of. At thirteen months, we finally managed to get Austin in for his twelve month checkup, and his doctor urged us to ignore the behavior. Redirect him.

Of course, I continue to give it my best shot. But somewhere in between all of the leg tugging, incessant shrieking, and my kid body slamming himself to the floor, I find myself very often giving in to the I could kill you glares from others. Then there are the times I simply smile, offer an obnoxious thumbs up to our audience, and then mentally spit in their faces. Oh, you don't have kids? #shoveit
Of course his sweet baby boy moments mask the dreadful tantrums. Yesterday at the Greek Festival I could have sworn I was eating lunch with a grown gentleman. Not one tear was shed, nor was one bite thrown to the ground. He may even get to go back this afternoon!

So this morning we are all still in our jams, recovering from a week full of tantrums and a Saturday full of Greek food and shopping. Finishing yesterday's leftovers is a pretty high priority for today- we need an excuse to go back. Opa!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Recap

I can't believe we just celebrated Austin's second Valentine's Day. It's just so surreal! I will never get used to time flying with this babe! I can still remember taking his Valentine's Day pictures last year, he was not yet a month old. I had just shotput the basket of a month's worth of laundry across the room to set him up for his first little photo shoot on our couch. 
This year I was feeling extra celebratory the night before, so we kicked off Valentine's Day a bit early with a fun  dinner. I don't think I have ever seen the babe clean his entire plate. Feeding the dog and stuffing his diaper seem to be pretty regular mealtime priorities. This dinner, in its entirety, made its way into his belly. Hoozah.
On Valentine's Day we enjoyed a festive picnic on the porch during our afternoon snack. Austin had a blast making a huge mess of himself and mush out of the red velvet cake balls.


Today I was able to sneak off (babyless!) for a few hours for my cousin's Bridal Shower! Love is in the air, folks. Sending lots of love to you and your families! XO

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Little Lovie Photoshoot

We're counting down the days to Austin's second Valentine's Day. His teachers' and classmates' Valentine's are on the assembly line and almost finished! This past weekend we met up with my mother's sweet friend to snap a few festive shots of this little cupid. 

If only we knew how to tie a tie, right? We improvised and seemed to have gotten it half right- but he still rocks the sideways tie like it's his job. I am beyond impressed with the great moments our photographer captured! Thank you, Amanda!

Happy Valentine's Day Week!! XO

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Life Lately

Remember when I told you that Austin and I were knocked down with colds almost immediately after his birthday? Yep, still down. When we finally think we're back up on our feet, something else hits us like a freaking bus. Austin, mostly. The kid went an entire year without catching so much as a runny nose for more than a day- he turns one and it's like he's at the top of the bacteria's most wanted list. Double ear infection is what we're dealing with these days. And to say that he's handling it like a boss would be an incredible understatement. 
If you follow us on IG, you may already know that Austin now says mama! It's mamamama all day, every day around here. I'm not convinced that he's actually assigned the word to me, but he can call his dirty diaper mama for all I care. After ogling over nine month old cousin Tyler's growing vocabulary, we've upped Austin's vocabulary to dada, baba, and mama. In a month! #proudmamamama

In other news, we are trying to totally wean off the bottle. Partly due to the double whammy ear infections, mostly because the sippy cup train is too cute not to hop on. That Mickey Mouse sippy cup?! I die. And don't get me started on the holiday sippies. Has anyone found an Easter sippy? The hunt is on.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Favorites

 Austin's second Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I think it goes without saying that I'm so excited to dress the lovie up and plant a few extra smooches on those cheeks! Per the usual, little girls' outfits are everywhere and so dang cute! It's been pretty hard finding equally cute little boys' outfits. The ones that I've fallen for are all grey and red- I love the combo! Cracker Barrel always comes through for us during the holidays- I always seem to snatch Austin up a festive bib or outfit. 

Austin has his first holiday photo shoot this weekend. I can't wait to watch him ham it up in the kissing booth and see all of the festive props! Something else I'm ridiculously excited about? Sending Austin to morning school with his first set of Valentine's! I have been Pinteresting ideas like crazy- the adorable possibilities seem to be endless... but the practicality of the goodies for babes under 18 months seems pretty slim.
On another note, has anyone seen the trailer for "Winter's Tale"- coming out on Valentine's Day!? Be still my heart. That's where you will find us on the 14th- for sure!