Monday, June 10, 2013

A Weekend With(out) the Martinez Men

Well, the two hairy ones. Baby Martinez is always with me. 

My mom and grandma Peach came up this weekend for a much overdue visit! It felt like such a rushed weekend... two nights is not enough time. We crammed as much as we could into our few days together, and had a great time. Saturday we went out to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack, and Austin had his first lemon experience.
 I was a bit disappointed when he seemed to enjoy it... I did something shameful.
 I squeezed the entire lemon into his mouth.
He made the most pitiful face, this picture doesn't even do his "sweet Lord I'm dying" face justice. Gosh, I felt like the worst mommy. My mom and I thought for sure he was going to upchuck. We will take a break from those for awhile.

I love hotels. I don't know what it is about them. The "getaway" feeling? Free breakfast? Room service? And the best times in hotels are always had when I'm with my mom and Peach. Just kidding, Juan! But really...
I obviously jumped at the chance to stay in the hotel with my mom and Peach this weekend. Of course, little ducky doodle came along. I dare say Austin packs heavier than his father. If it's possible.

And on this week's "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader"...

Yes, she is a 6th grade math teacher. Yes, she is smarter than this.
And yes, it took us two wheelie carts to haul all of our things in. 

You know what else we took two of? Hotel rooms. My mom snores. And when I tell you that it is impossible to sleep with her... it. is. impossible. to. sleep. with. her.
Peach is willing to pay for an entire room to herself to avoid sleeping with my mom.
I am willing to sleep in a 76 degree room with Peach to avoid sleeping with my mom.
Austin is willing to... nope, he had to sleep with her.
Sorry angel, you had to take one for the team this time.

We had planned to take Austin in the pool for the first time on Sunday, so naturally it was cloudy all day.
oh well, that didn't stop us from a photoshoot in his adorable new swimmy! And I prefer these speedo-like swimmys for baby boys over swim trunks any day. Who can resist bare baby legs?
Swim Diaper

and then we went for a swim in our hotel room's suite's whirlpool...
 I have to comment... why is my kid so white? Daddy is Colombian and mommy has some color, baby where'd you come from?

Mom and Peach went home today... bittersweet... butttt...
my best friends are coming to visit on Friday, so I can't complain!

Here's to a good and fast week! Oh, and a large iced coffee and that lesson plan I waited until the night before to write...


  1. Ok...This was so funny!!! I actually laughed out loud reading the snoring part!!! And your boy...ADORABLE!!!! (((googly eyes))) Thanks for sharing!! Happy lesson planning!

    1. the lesson plan WAS completed! thank goodness!

  2. your little boy is so adorable.and you need to do a entry on the iced coffee. Yum.Im obsessed with those.

  3. Well, just to set the record straight, my snoring is NOT that bad! Austin and I slept just fine!!
    Love, mommy

  4. Ha Ha!! Love this! I bet you girls had such fun at the hotel!!