Friday, August 29, 2014

Kitchen Sink Cookies

So my posts are becoming less and less frequent as life rushes on. Duh. You've noticed. It's not so much that I don't have anything to blab about nowadays (wait, it kind of is)- I just feel like I have a million different other things that I should be doing. When I sit down to add something to my planner, I go blank. I start filling it with fluff like put updated pictures in picture frames and break-in ballet shoes. Despite the fact that I did actually join a ballet studio last week (wait, what? More on that later!), I'm sure there's like thirty four more important things that I'm forgetting. One being the correct date for my doctor's appointment. The other morning I drove 40 minutes to my appointment, just to have the unapologetic lady at the front desk tell me that I was a week early. That sounds familiar. I'm positive that whoever put me in the system for the following week is the one who was mistaken, but I took the news with a grain of salt  giant cookie that I picked up at Fresh Market on the way home. 
And a 40 minute drive for a box of Kitchen Sink cookies is so worth it in my book.

The Incredible Hulk is due to wake up from his nap at any time, and unfortunately I still have one kitchen sink that needs to be taken care of. I'll leave y'all with this sweet little mug.

And if you're not too busy drooling over that cookie, run out and get a box! You won't be sorry. 
Cheers for the long weekend!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Adventures

A few weeks ago, Austin started back to Montessori school. By the end of his month long break, we had fallen into such a fun, summer groove (read: donut crazed, beach bums) that it was hard to send him back. But. I am once again enjoying my free mornings, and just like that I'm back into my regular morning routine. I won't even tell you how long it had been since I wore my workout clothes and then actually went to the gym.
#sevenweeks #judgementfreezone

Austin is now in the 18 months to 3 years old class- so I'm fairly sure that he is the youngest babe there, or close to it. In just these few short weeks I have noticed a tremendous difference in almost every aspect. The kid still gives Donald Duck's semi-intelligible speech a run for its money, but hearing him try so many new words is music to my ears! Say it loud, say it proud, little Donald ducky.

Because our weekdays are fairly planned and patterned, I've been searching for ways to switch up our weekends. Last weekend we visited the Children's Museum in Jensen Beach and it was pretty freaking amazing. I'd call it less of a "museum"and more of a junior job fair. One where your toddlers are invited to leave their slight attention spans at the door, as they explore all of the different rooms- each containing a different theme/job. Whoever started the whole "pick a career that you enjoy because you'll be stuck with it forever" spiel  has clearly never seen the likes of this museum, where you can switch from dentist to pirate to firefighter in 22 seconds flat. Austin loved the freedom, and we will definitely be going back soon!

On Saturday, Austin and I went on a nature walk around my parents' neighborhood. I followed behind him as he searched for goodies to put in his bucket- and then about half an hour later, he hurled the contents of the bucket into the air to tell me that he had had enough. And then I had to carry his rosy cheeked, sweaty haired self all the way back home. It was a short adventure, but more than enough to tire us both out. Did I mention how thankful I was that we came home with an empty bug catching jar? He has just started to notice lizards, and for now, that's about all I can handle in the critter department.

Happy Monday, folks! Enjoy your week- and don't forget to shop the Lilly Summer Sale!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pajama Loving

Along with every other mild obsession that I preoccupied before the little one came along, my pajama passion has shot up fifty seven notches now that he's joined the party. I've always had a special place in my heart for a good pair of jammies, and though that place is now buried under my love for dressing Austin in his own matching sets, it will always be there incessantly begging for a new, cozy pair. 

These are a few of our current favorites- Austin doesn't own the whale or airplane set yet. But he will, very soon ;)
 I added in our favorite bedtime sound machine. It's so tiny, yet so powerful- I love it!
Christmas time is my favorite season for jammie wearing. Last year Austin had over fifteen pairs- overboard, I know. Luckily we bought them loose enough for him to enjoy well into the summer... and possibly again this Christmas? 

I feel pretty confident saying that Austin's newest pair ties for the gold with Christmas jammies. Rainbow Fish, folks. Yeah, you know. And if you don't know- then for Pete's sake, and your own, go and check out one of the best children's books of all time. I'm looking forward to cracking open our own copy- but for now, the kid is still hung up on I Ruff You. And by hung up, I mean that you do not dare recite the words from that book unless you plan on digging through the toy box to find it, and then reading it over and over.
And again and again and again.
Tonight I get to have the pleasure of joining my best friend and her fiancĂ© in celebrating their engagement at their engagement party! AND guess what- I'm the Matron Maid of Honor! Matron sounds way too middle-aged and dignified for my taste. Though I will say that I proudly wore my pajamas into Dunkin this morning, and stared down every single person who showed any sign of disgust. How's that for a matron move. 

Okay, getting out of jammies now. Matron out. 
Have a wonderful weekend!