Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Weekend

Our condo is very  s l o w l y  coming together. (Okay, lady, tell us something we don't know.) Well, we finally have a couch in our living room and a table in our breakfast nook. Gone are the days of ground dwelling and dining! Thanks to yesterday's thrift store steals, we now also have a beautiful side table and another table. Our lamp finally has a home.
 Let the decorating begin!
On Saturday, Jacksonville brought us our first day since May that was less than 80 degrees. That obviously called for a Pumpkin photo shoot, complete with a sweater and corduroys ;)
I've had my eye on this Glasses Sweater for a couple of weeks, and it finally found its way into Austin's dresser! Swoon!

Is anyone else as excited as I am for October?! And you know what that means! Tomorrow kicks off the first day of my Fall Photo Challenge! I'm praying that the weather doesn't work against me, I may be switching up days to accommodate for the Florida heat, bleh. Get up, get out of those sweatpants, and dress up a bit!

As I write this at 3 in the afternoon from my cupcake jammies.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dogwood Park

"So how's about that 100 pound dog living in your two bedroom condo?" Yeah, Duke is big, really big. And our condo is pretty small; especially when you've got a giant German Shepherd prancing around like an elephant in roller skates. No, but really- this dog slips and loses grip of the floor like every fifth step. Occasionally, I can't help but lose my marbles with him. After Austin is in bed and Duke wipes out, taking the high chair down with him, oh lawd that dog better run. Poor babe, if only he could! Do dogs get used to wood flooring? He has no problem with the tile, but the wood? Forget it. 

We took Duke to the local dog park this weekend and he had a blast. It's huge! Over 25 acres of pure doggy bliss. He may tower over the other pups, but he is such a follower when it comes to playing with the others. For example, he will not instigate a "play fight" or game of tag. He joins in once an alpha has already begun a run or a game. Duke must have explained to his friends that his little brother took his alpha card a long time ago.
It's like watching a gangly, awkward child who has yet to grow into his or her own body. We're laughing with you, Dukie, always with you ;) And as for that boxer on the left, I don't even know. The dog park can do crazy things to a dog.
Duke ended his perfect afternoon with a bath. And for him, it ended right then and there, as soon as Juan hoisted him up into the tub and sprayed him down. Luckily, the dog park has tubs for bathing off all signs of doggy play and romping in the mud. The tubs are conveniently located in the front office, where Duke had visuals of every dog coming in to begin his or her own day at the park. He warned each one that entered the office of the horrors that would follow their playtime. Juan and I were hysterical coming up with words for Duke's cautionary tales to the incoming pups.

A clean Duke is always a happy Duke. Or a clean Duke makes for a happy mommy. Either way, the dog is worn out and clean.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Photo Fun

It's Fall, y'all! This day was welcomed a longgg time ago in the Martinez house ;) Summer left its nasty heat with us, it's still a hot box here in Jacksonville. But, nevertheless, we are making the most of this wonderful season- even if it means just adding a thin little scarf to my wardrobe! Baby steps. It's taking all of my wit and common sense not to dust off the boots quite yet. 

In honor of Fall, I have put together a fun little challenge for myself- and whoever else decides to join in! Each day in October, Austin and/or I will be decked out (or simply sporting) the attire on this Fall Fashion list I made up! I'm so excited to dress the little guy for the season! Feel free to join in, I'm thinking of it as an incentive to wear something other than yoga pants every day ;)

Obviously I won't post our pictures every day, I will probably group the pictures together and post every few days. So get your final wear out of your favorite summer dresses and then join me for some Fall fun!  Happy Sunday Funday Fallday!
Cheesy? Who cares- it's the happiest time of the year!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Austin is EIGHT months old. I hopped on the nostalgic mommy train a couple of months back- does anyone know yet when this thing slows down!? Can we please just pause time?? When did my kid start following me from room to room and insisting on feeding his dog from his own plate? Smart and sneaky those two are. This Friday evening we are linking up again with the ladies for Five on Friday. Here we go!

The first official day of Fall is this Sunday- we are more than ready for pumpkin pickin and carving (among other Fall funsies, of course!) I can't wait for a Fall photoshoot as well, Austin is going to rock this pumpkin booty like no one's business ;)
Pinterest, Original Link Unknown

Happy Hippos. 6th grade flashback.
My 6th grade teacher used to bring these back from Germany for the class- yes, it's been that long since I've tasted this hazelnut and milky goodness. They sell the chocolate version in Epcot, but it's just not the same as the original. I was over the moon when Juan found them in a random little Russian shop in Jacksonville!!
These treats are the greatest things on earth.
Please excuse this slightly below par picture... (I spy a dog ear... a toilet plunger...)
The only piece of furniture in our man cave living room is our colossal entertainment center. We picked this out a couple of months ago, and it was just delivered last week- to say that I am obsessed would be an incredible understatement. I can't wait to decorate this beauty for the seasons!

This. It's perfect. 

And lastly, a cry for help. Changing this kid has become a wrestling match. A serious wrestling match and I lose every time. No matter how many tricks I have up my sleeve, this little rascal is not the least bit interested in staying for the show. Any suggestions? I have never minded changing his diaper until now, it's a hassle and usually ends in a mess. Help!

Ending on a happy note, it's Friday! This weekend will be spent cleaning out the storage unit and possibly a trip to the zoo, or dog park. Same thing though, right??

Monday, September 16, 2013

And it's only September

The season is upon us, folks- I can feel it. (Yeah right, I wish I could feel it.) But listen, yesterday I heard it, and today I saw it. It's only a matter of time before we can all feel it, except for you folks back home, sorry guys. And those of you north of Florida who have already started rocking your sweaters and scarves- gahh I envy you! 
We kicked off Sunday morning with brunch at Third Street Diner, which just so happened to be Austin's first outing when he was a wee little squishy babe. The tunes in the diner? Christmas music. Christmas music. In September! I just about flipped backwards out of my chair. I guess it's never too early to start! Okay, maybe not true, mid September is a tad early. But this was definitely a nice reminder of the coming season! (Like this crazy needs a reminder!) Hearing all of the cheer and merriment is one of the best parts!

Fast forward to this morning- I encountered a gentleman who, after noticing the little squirmy wormy on my hip, let me skip him in the ridiculous line at the post office! Chivalry men, chivalry. But then he threw us a curve ball. He looked at Austin and gave the babe his first season greeting, "Happy Holidays." Either the man was a little confused, or he is just as (probably more) excited as we are for the seasons.

There you have it, all of my your Fall clothing shopping sprees and Pumpkin Spice Lattes justified. Pour some cider, throw your hands in the air and give a cheers to what's coming! 
This babe has it down.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eight Months

Austin is a week shy of the 8 month mark- and oh my sweet Lord has he progressed this past month. During his eighth month, Austin became very curious and a crazy fast crawler. He learned to pull up onto just about anything within reach and then use that same object to hold onto while walking around. The doctor told us he was too young to be pulling up and starting to walk- to which my sassy mind replied, "umm... what am I supposed to do about it, lady? Austin, please sit back down? Knock him down? Tape him to the ground?" He moves, and he moves fast. He can only stand being at ground level for so long before he gets bored and stands up to see what's going on in the world above.
In addition to crawling, pulling up, and feeding himself pieces of food- he has picked up a couple of new habits in the past week. If I put him down to do dishes or laundry (or go to the bathroom God forbid), he crawls at lightning speed towards me "mmming". He is an expert at the "m" sound. Mama will be his first word, no doubt about it ;) He also runs his tongue over his new tooth (yes, tooth!) and licks his little chops. It's the funniest thing, you'd think the kid just chowed down on a burger the way he licks his lips. He is a champ when it comes to going out to eat, he is a polite guest and these days he rarely loses his marbles mid meal (awful Longhorn flashback you can read about here.)
Grandmommy, grandpa, and Peach are coming to visit this weekend! Austin's doing backflips into his bottle- sweet babe loves visitors.

Have a great weekend lovelies!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Jaguar

Ah, the end of yet another week! I hope everyone's Friday was just as fabulous as ours! The husband got the entire morning and early afternoon off of work, so we spent the day getting caught up on laundry and unpacking more boxes. Does it ever end?! And yes, I constitute catching up on laundry as a fabulous Friday. Juan deserves a gold medal for being such a trooper during the folding process, he did it all.

You lovelies don't need a reminder that it's football season. Woohoo. Okay, I'm actually not a football fan- but the husband likes to think he is- so I play along. I know my display of complete enthusiasm totally had you fooled. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike football, but I would call myself more of a social footballer. Let's be honest here, I'm not going to turn down a chance to get dressed up and tailgate or BBQ. Getting dressed up in team colors and joining your husband for a fraternity tailgate at 7 months pregnant is dedication. #throwback

And I had to throw in a picture of my best friend and Ryan Lochte. Holla.

This year we added mommy and baby jerseys to the collection and we have decided we are going to start rooting for the Jags. We do live here, after all, so why not?! One baby Jaguar fan, coming right up!

Go Gators, go Jags! Happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

In celebration of never-ending process of unpacking Labor Day, the Martinez family worked every day this weekend. Every day. Unpacking has turned into a slow process over here- and we finally have (some) furniture! There is no doubt we will be sitting on our extra mattress in the living room for a couple of months until we buy a new couch.

Juan and I have been able to sneak away for the past couple of nights thanks to Juan's dad being in town. Saturday night we went to his boss's house to watch the UFC fights, and to my surprise, it held my attention for a good part of the night. His boss has the most adorable 2 month old baby girl- and holy hair, does she have a lot of it! I'm so jealous- Austin's hair is still pretty scarce. I'm so glad to have made friends with another couple who has a baby!

 Last night we went out for wings and watched the FSU game (boo) then followed up with We're the Millers. HILARIOUS. A must see. I also may have called this drink my "Cosmo and Wanda" all night. I'm looking at you, 90's kids!

Cheers to September- it's totally the beginning of fall in my book. The pumpkins and fall wreath are coming out. We may not have a couch or kitchen table, but dammit our front door will look nice.