Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Birthday Babe

Austin's morning school sent him home on Friday with a little more than a birthday crown and a belly full of cupcakes. Infant and toddler germs are the worst. I was up the entire night before Austin's party, cursing the day I decided to put my kid in a room full of infectious infants. By Saturday morning I was totally ready to sit out on the party and let everyone still enjoy the celebration... until I called my mom a few hours before the party. Double whammy. Even then, I was still half considering letting the party go on without us, that is until I went in to wake the birthday boy...

His crib was covered- the kind of covered where you're fairly certain you can make out what your kid had for lunch the day before. Chunks of grapes, people. His diaper was hanging on by a thread, it had become a leaking vessel of doom. It was a ridiculous scene from a movie. Because this kind of stuff only happens in movies, right?? No. It's real life, and that diaper? It was not a joke. And my sweet angel babe? I found him with the smuggest look on his happy little face. I don't think it set him back one bit- he was ready to party.

We ended up pushing the party back a day. Luckily all of our guests were understanding and able to make it the next day. Thanks everyone! It all worked out, and we had a great time celebrating Austin's first year of life! He now has a book collection comparable to a small bookstore and a toy collection in need of a large toy box. The food was delicious, and the cupcakes and cake turned out just like I had imagined. I have my sweet friend, Mindi, over at Mindi Makes Cakes to thank for that!!

Look at this particular little baby hand so gently picking into his cake. I can't even. The amount of cake smash pictures probably doubles the amount of other pictures taken at the party- post will come soon! 

This babe is now ONE!


  1. omg it turned out even cuter than I thought it would! You did awesome!!

  2. I love how it turned out!!! The colors are awesome! Great job mama!!

    1. thank you! I was very lucky with how all of the colors came together!

  3. So wish we could have been there! You did a great job!! Laurie

  4. It was a beautiful day for all to remember. Jennifer, you have lovely friends that came and helped to celebrate!