Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Colombian Coffee Grind

I've been asked for a post on the fixins of my iced coffee. I'm a wee and wobbly new blogger, so I will answer all questions and take any suggestions! I'm just so excited someone was actually reading my blog- someone other than my husband, my mom, or peach- who likes to refresh, refresh, refresh the page, hoping to find a new post, meanwhile racking up my page views and making me overly excited. 

Coffee in the house of a Colombian man is no joke. We mean business over here, folks. Let me start off by saying that a year or 2 ago if someone had asked me to drink coffee (something other than those calorie overload Frappes from Starbucks), I would have completely shot them down. I've always loved the smell of coffee, but drinking it, forget it.
I slowly started coming around to the taste when I tried this + peppermint.  Christmas in a cup. You better believe anything that tastes like Christmas time is right up my alley. Sometimes, if you get a less than enthused Starbucks employee, they will tell you that you can only order the White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha during seasonal time, November and December. That's bull. I've gotten it in the dead of summer. Try it, I'm serious!

So, back to our coffee. Colombian coffee.
We grind our own coffee beans. We have tons of coffee beans. Whenever Juan's best friend or parents come to visit from Bogota, they bring goodies. You can also buy Juan Valdez coffee on their website.

We brew it pretty strong, mostly for Juan, and then I just completely butcher mine with creamer. 

The serving size for this creamer is 1 tablespoon- I use almost 3. It's delicious.
If it's one of those mornings when I forget to put the liner in the bottle and end up dumping formula all over the floor, or I'm dealing with an insatiable child that demands to be held while I'm brushing my teeth, then I drink my coffee hot. Those mornings, I'm desperate- there is no time for iced coffee. Luckily, we only have those mornings once or twice a week... so I usually finish my coffee to perfection.

On iced coffee mornings, I just pour the creamer right into the coffee pot and then stick it in the freezer for 20 minutes or so. Then, I take it out, plop a few ice cubes in it, and if I'm feeling like I need a little reassurance for all of my hard work, I stick a cutie paper straw in it. Everything tastes better out of a colored straw!

 And then some days we take out the blender and make our own calorie overload frappe! It's Juan's favorite... so it was obviously on the breakfast tray this morning for Father's Day.
Same coffee + 2/3 of blender full of ice + creamer + vanilla ice cream + caramel topping = YUM.


  1. Happy daddy after drinking his coffee, love the mug! Glad to see baby was given some refreshment too!
    Grand mommy

  2. Did the baby get iced coffee too?

  3. You're doing a great job with your blog, love it!

  4. OMG, the bottle/feet crossed picture!!!! Googly eyes111

    1. I knowww! If only he would hold his bottle all of the time!