Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

Hey, lookie here- we're on time this week! It's Five on Friday! I just know you're doing leaps of joy into your morning coffee. Speaking of coffee, I'm already on my second cup. It was a long drive back to Jacksonville yesterday.

Remember that little game of Austin's that I talked about in this post? "Stick the paci in, spit the paci out"... well, Austin has brought this game to a whole new level. Yesterday I stuck a paci in his mouth, just for old times sake... and to my surprise, he kept it in. And then, he created a new game. The new and improved Hokey Pokey. Stick the paci in, spit the paci out, stick the paci in, and turn yourself about. Repeat. It's too cute, and he entertains himself for minutes at a time. While that doesn't seem like very long, I will take any "self entertaining" I can get!

Last night the husband and I treated ourselves to Coldstone. A celebratory, welcome back indulgence. And indulge we did. An entire pint of cookies and cream, complete with chocolate milk... and Duke tongue. Duke doesn't normally get people food, but his curiosity and wandering tongue were just too much not to snap a picture. 

So... this is happening. This is the perfect inspiration for my laundry room. I'm visioning a gold cork board, gold picture frames, and gold cabinet knobs. 

My parents are in town for the weekend... I guess they think they are entitled to some sort of vacation for putting up with me for the past month. Little do they know, Austin and I will definitely be joining them for some fun in the pool and delicious brunch. Any how, you can find us here for the next couple of days... The Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. Please be sunny, please be sunny...

It's almost fall. I am counting down the days until the cool weather sets in and I can pull out the boots and scarves. I cannot wait to decorate the new place for the seasons! 
How cute is this pullover? Major brownie points to the husband for finding this gem on my Pinterest board and buying it. All on his own! This was taken right after my baby shower last November... it was "Little Prince" themed, can you tell? ...Sorry for the poor quality. 

We are simultaneously unpacking our bags from Fort Pierce, packing our beach bags for Ponte Vedra, and cleaning the apartment. Packing up boxes also starts today- a busy house over here!

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  1. The laundry room inspiration is fab, love it! I'm also in the process of figuring out what I want to do with mine :)