Monday, June 24, 2013

Paci vs. Toe

Since the day Austin was born, we have offered him a pacifier about 200 times. Since he was born, Austin has kept a paci in his mouth- with a good strong suck- about 20 times. Some say that this is a good thing, we won't have to wean him off of it later- hah, if only I could stick a paci in their mouths.
When your babe is screaming bloody murder (I'm talking total frown, whimpery limp, give me attention NOW scream), you really just want to be able to stick a paci in his mouth and be done with it. I'm trying my hardest not to be that parent that has to hold her kid 24/7 to keep him from crying. I have a theory that that parent will turn into that parent whose kid throws a fit on the toy aisle when he doesn't get the Hot Wheels he wants.
 It's a fine line between attempting to show your baby that he can entertain himself for a little while, and downright ignoring him to paint your nails. Which, by the way, I only do after he is asleep, otherwise he would suddenly become very needy before the first coat is dry.
Austin doesn't get much consolation from his pacifiers. Gone are the days that I've sat there for 5 minutes playing "stick the paci in, spit the paci out". But, by some miracle, Austin has just recently found his own form of consolation.

His toes.
The toes that were once only Duke's tongue's delight, are now my saving grace and sanity. Unsanitary, maybe. A Godsend, definitely.

"To suck my toe or not to suck my toe..."

"Eh, what the heck, I'm going for it..."

"Almost there... I can almost taste it!"
I haven't decided if his toe sucking warrants glares in public, but I do know that if he's a little upset, I'm not above grabbing his little toe and waving it in front of his face. He loves it and eats it up! 

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