Friday, August 2, 2013

Home Depot, hot dogs, and handy husbands

Holy grout, renovating is a huge project that I was not prepared for. An initial, round-condo paint job turned into "please, can I have a striped accent wall in our bedroom and laundry room", which turned into a chair rail in Austin's room and a Nautical compass painted on the ceiling (I'm still fighting against that one), which somehow turned into new tile throughout the bathrooms and kitchen. 
We were at Home Depot all day yesterday.  Do all HDs have a hot dog stand out front? Our local one does, and I can honestly say we haven't been to Home Depot in the past 4 months and not gotten a hot dog.  There's just something about a fresh, hot off the grill hot dog that makes wandering the aisles of HD with your overzealous husband a bit better. That, and iced coffee.
 Okay, and maybe this face.

Though we did spend a pretty penny on the supplies for flooring, we managed to save a lot of money by doing some of the labor ourselves. And by ourselves, I mean this man. *Points down to the hottie with his shirt off.* HD will really kick you in the butt with prices. Carrying the tile inside... disposing of the old tile... and I'm pretty sure I heard the sales rep correctly when she told me that they charge extra for diagonally laid tile. Charging for 45 degree tile rotation, well done HD. We saved a lot of money by taking all of the prep work into our own hands, and then hiring outside contractors to install it.

Oh, and I am in love with the new paint in the living room. This is only the first coat, but it's just so warm and inviting!

We went to Chick Fil A for lunch, and I can't pat myself on the back enough for that decision. It was loud, and full of screaming kids- just perfect for muffling any screams or meltdowns Austin may have had. Of course, he didn't. He was a perfect gentleman. Leave it to my kid to be a little angel in Chick Fil A but completely lose his shit in Longhorn. The night before we went for a nice, relaxing dinner to Longhorn- it lasted about 4 minutes. After switching booths a couple times and bouncing our sobbing baby around like a Johnny Jump Up, we left. The teething troll won this time.

This morning he is a little angel again, obviously ready for more trips to Home Depot and renovating! Before and after pictures will come soon!


  1. I love the paint color! We just ripped down wallpaper and repainted our hallway. I love how a fresh coat of paint makes the room feel so different!

  2. Poor little babe! Can't wait to see the finished project!

  3. Pictures please of the 1st day in new condo!