Friday, January 31, 2014

Safari Adventures

Tuesday morning we surprised the little one with a day trip to Lion Country Safari! The hour drive down from my parents' house worked out perfectly with his morning nap. We started the adventure off with wrong directions given by yours truly...typical. But what's a few extra dollars spent exiting and reentering the Turnpike a time or two? That was one less bag of candied sugar that Juan didn't really need, anyway. 
The 40 minute Drive Through Safari kicked off our visit and we all enjoyed seeing the animals. Except for one short babe, who couldn't see over the dash. Thank God for Mickey Mouse and YouTube. Austin rode his first animal- a camel! I say animal like there are tons of species just ready to be saddled up and hopped on. Funny he was given the chance to ride a camel before, you know, a horse. Or Duke. Who, by the way, is the size of a mini horse. I checked. I couldn't get enough of this babe's safari boots and shorts, his daddy's matching short shorts, and Uncle Colin's Lilly Pulitzer trunks- which in fact did match my dress. Tourists at their finest?
This was the most fun that we've had in a couple of weeks- our adventures have been pretty limited since the plague hit our home. But this one has been marked off as a definite success! And I'm sure Austin told his school friends all about his adventures- between the shared baby sniffles and snot. I hope that was a joke.

We're craving another adventure, and luckily it's almost the weekend... I hope we can make it happen! 

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