Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

We're slugging around this morning in our jammies, looking for any excuse to put off today's errands for a few more hours. At 11:30, excuse number 14 is brought to you by the Five on Friday link up and my lack of interesting news from the past couple of days. I'm linking up this morning for another Five on Friday with the ladies... it's only been what, a few months, since we've participated!? Today I'm just going to dump out a huge pile of random, and you just sit back and be thankful it's not Fifteen on Friday.


With Austin's first birthday in just a little over a week away, his birthday party planning is in full gear. I picked out the theme months ago, and luckily it has ended up a pretty simple theme. I can make really almost any sort of decoration for his party using nothing more than crafting supplies found at any given craft store. His love for Mickey Mouse almost brought him a Mickey Mouse birthday party, but after thinking about the cost and the fact that those sorts of decorations would be found at a party store, we decided it just wasn't in our budget. Besides, who is going to turn down hand crafting decorations for a party?! Blue ombre, and any sort of ombre for that matter, has sure proven itself an easy and very DIY type of party theme.

Today is my oldest and one of my truest friend's 23rd birthday! So true that she is road tripping and storage unit moving with me on her special day. I must owe her a birthday shot, or two. Now Austin's Godmother, this girl and I have been connected at the hip since Kindergarten and she has been there for me every single day since. Literally, every day... as in, daily phone calls... daily texts... daily complaints when I don't answer... ;) Love you Mandy! Happy Birthday girly! 

Naps. One of the most productive (or lazy) times of the day for me. I cherish Austin's naps for a few reasons... for starters, the obvious- this is the sweetest and most peaceful face I have ever seen. No tears, tantrums, giggles, sass... just pure peacefulness.
I take full advantage of Austin's two daily naps. During his morning nap I usually blog, relax, or may even try to sneak in a nap myself. The afternoon nap is spent running errands or straightening the house. I do cherish these naps, but I will tell you I equally cherish the time out of the house alone.  Lately, I've been considering knocking out a nap and trying to get him in the habit of one, long nap a day. Yay or nay? Am I setting myself and this little lovie up for a complete disaster?

Juan insisted we go back and recreate this picture taken when Duke was only 3 months old. He is now almost 2- and still growing into his body (and ears)!
And lastly, some crazy pictures I found of my hometown circa the torrential downpour of January 9, 2014. Insane!

I've painted my nails, checked the mail twice, and even reorganized the refrigerator. I'm officially out of excuses and need to get this show on the road. Friday errands, here I come.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. About your friend she seems like one of the sweetest, most caring, and thoughtful friend! I have a friend or two like that and they are just the best don't take them for granted!! :) I also bet she loved those birthday shots!!!