Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Austin's Birth Story... One Year Later

It's Day 3 of Austin's birthday week! The birthday party to do list seems to be growing faster than I can cross stuff off. Needless to say, nap times this week are spent being super productive doing basically an entire day's worth of work on extreme fast forward. So. Moving on. Check out my baby bump post from yesterday if you haven't already!

Austin's due date came and passed. Nothing. My doctors scheduled me to be induced the following Monday. Friday night rolled around- Juan and I were watching a movie at home. I had downloaded an app to track my contractions weeks before, and it was that Friday around 9pm that I opened the app for the first time. Juan had fallen asleep halfway through the movie, so I went on with my "contractions" in silence. Bad. Ass. They weren't too bad, and I wasn't 100 percent sure they were real. I finally woke Juan up and told him what was happening. We didn't think too much of it because the "contractions" didn't hurt too badly. I was awake the entire night. They slowly grew in intensity, so we called the hospital, cleaned the house, packed our bags, and left the house at 7.

The app I used was called "Full Term".  I left out the hours in between, but you can really see the difference in frequency, holy contraction!

My hospital and labor experience was incredible. The most amazing moments of my life. We loved all of the attention and support that we got for those 3 days in the hospital. We had a ridiculous amount of visitors including several of Juan's fraternity brothers and a few of my close sisters. Friends who knew nothing about babies- or scared shitless of them- came to see us. One of Juan's brothers was very concerned when he pointed out that Austin had no teeth. Probably one of the funniest things ever. We were so blessed to have so many friends and family members there for us. 

Except for that god forsaken epidural shot, my labor was really manageable. My anesthesiologist was celebrating Austin's birthday with a game of pin the tail on the donkey... with his needle... on my back.  Eff. I must have been stabbed three or four times. There aren't enough choice words in the world for that man.

The most shocking moment of my life. Hands down, this was the biggest news flash: Wake up Jennifer, you're a mommy!

This little round squish stole my heart on January 19th at 4:02 in the afternoon. Austin Grant Martinez was the first baby that I had ever heldI had never even changed a diaper. Everything kind of came natural, it all fell into place. The girl who was once terrified of babies and refused to babysit children under the age of 4, is now the same woman who juggles a 24 pound infant in one hand while vacuuming or doing makeup with the other. Life is crazy. This experience has been crazier. You can really surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing, and what you will do for your babe. 

Happy Birthday week baby boy!