Monday, January 27, 2014

Cake Smash Picture Dump

A nasty cold left The Martinez Men out of commission this past week. As if our birthday fiasco wasn't enough, Austin and I were almost immediately knocked down with colds after his birthday party. Yuck. I'm torn between a great amount of relief now that I have time in the mornings to get things done while Austin is at school, and shock that the clean environment- the same one that doesn't allow shoes in the "play area"- is giving my kid the plague. My great grandma used to say we are always the weakest around our birthdays- and growing up it has really proven true for me. Every December I seem to catch something. This year my body held out an extra month so that Austin and I could share sweaty snuggles and a box of tissues. Awesome.

Moving on. 

An insane amount of expectation was baked into this blue smash cake. I had high hopes for a double handed Hulk smash, cake hitting the walls, or at least a little nose dive. My expectations were all brought to a screeching halt as we set Austin's cake in front of him and took a couple of steps back. Classy babe.

We expedited the process a bit by cutting his cake and smashing his hand into it. Then things got real.
"Oh, nice texture, smooth consistency..."

For the rest of the day, I was half anticipating projectile blue ombre. I thought for sure we would be in for a blue mess of a diaper, as well. Neither. Austin really held it together. Thank you to everyone for Austin's sweet birthday gifts and wishes! Happy Birthday to you, baby boy!