Friday, May 30, 2014

Feels Like Summer

Lately we've been getting little tastes of summertime- and I absolutely love it. I think this past three day weekend really got us into the groove. We had a pretty traditional Memorial Day: backyard, barbeque, beer. Okay, so no beer. In that case, can I even call it a traditional, American Memorial Day celebration? Nevertheless, it was pretty freaking awesome.
Our day was alive with the summer season. Big pool, baby pool, and Fourth of July Pandora on the cutest retro radio you ever did see. (Austin really knows how to pick his Mother's Day gifts. ;)) Did I mention chalk and bubblesIn the mouth. Both the chalk and bubbles. Just when you think your kid has turned into such a little adult, he takes a giant bite of the calcium sulfate.
And of course, we held in our hearts and minds some of America's truest heroes, our fallen soldiers. Something pretty neat that I learned the other day: Israel's Memorial Day includes a one minute siren that sounds throughout the entire country, signaling everyone to stop what they are doing in honor and remembrance of their fallen soldiers. Highways stop, people get out of their cars. Talk about an honorable tradition. A girlfriend of mine has spent the last several months exploring Israel, and I love the vicarious thrill that her blog gives us. Us, meaning we who sometimes consider handing the tot who insists on making dessert out of our limbs over to the neighbors and high tailing it for the nearest airport. I joke. We are, however, three days "bite free." #success
Though it'll be hard to top last weekend, we do have a bit to look forward to over the next couple of days. A wedding, decorating Austin's latest nursery big boy room, bathing suit shopping (wait, I hate that), and the HALF HOUR PHONE CALL WITH JUAN that I've been promised may just do the trick. I'm not quite sure what's going down on his base, but I am fairly certain that the highlight of my week was the surprise phone call that I received during my Wednesday night class from the little whispering Colombian hiding in the supply closet who  "pulled a few strings" to call and check in.


  1. Austin loved his swimming lessons with grandma. More to come each weekend with our beautiful Florida weather!
    Love, Grandmommy

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!! I havnt been on blogger for SO long, he is so big and adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!