Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day

Our original Mother's Day plans were turned upside down when Austin and I woke up sick. (Typical, right? We all remember what happened the morning of his first birthday party...) A lunch date with my mom and grandma Peach, matching pink and green outfits for the babe and myself. Such a shame. I couldn't even manage to get out of my jams on Sunday.
Despite his cold, Austin really pulled it together- it's amazing how children can be coughing up a lung one minute, and running around in circles the next. I've got to hand it to the kid, he made sick look good.  Meanwhile, I observed from the couch, under two blankets and a heating pad. Although we weren't able to get dressed up and document our day with pictures and a fun write up, my second Mother's Day turned out to be completely rewarding and blessed, in every way possible. Despite the fever and runny noses. When I broke down in tears, Austin crawled up onto the couch with me and buried his little body into mine until I calmed down. He didn't leave my side. And my own mom spent her day taking care of the both of us, without a second thought or complaints. I truly have the most wonderful mom, and Austin made me feel (almost) as wonderful through his sweet concern and complete disregard for his own sickness. It's the little things, it truly is.

Today, I finally feel like a normal person again. I'm out of my jammies, brushed my hair, and even had enough energy to press a little harder on the gas pedal to go the actual speed limit. Yeah, I know, weird. I've been in super slow motion, it's like the energy was completely sucked out of me these last few days.

We're looking forward to celebrating a bit more this Sunday- without the tears and tissues! Happy (almost) Weekend!


  1. Oh no! So sorry you've been sick! Glad your feeling a little bit better. Hopefully this weekend is better to you:)

  2. Sweetie pie, you truly are blessed with such a loving son!