Monday, May 5, 2014

A Short Weekend Recap

It was the dreariest of Saturdays- isn't that always how it seems to go when you've got big plans?? I had been anticipating a pool day for quite some time... clearly I wasn't checking the weather forecast for the day! It rained all afternoon, so our Saturday was spent doing not much of anything. My (longest and oh so hardworking) best friend and I were up bright and early at Austin's school ready to log the last of my volunteer hours. I'll give the school major points for really taking advantage of every parent's need for volunteer hours, because this girl spent her morning macheteing branches, pulling weeds, tossing the brush over the (tall) fence, then hauling it down to the front of the school. Why hire a lawn service when you have your students' parents? I have never been so thankful for my tall rain boots. Best idea I've ever had wearing those bright pink beauts. We came back home covered in dirt and grass stains, ready for a cold shower and a long nap- but Austin had other plans. Not big enough plans, I suppose, because the rest of the day was lazy (read: boring). 

Sunday brought beautiful, sunny skies and a light breeze. Perfect for a lunch date with a few girlfriends. It was such a treat to get out for a few hours after Saturday's mood. It was a Sunday Funday, indeed!
By the way, you can totally just walk through this fancy hotel in Vero and eat out back by the pool. Heck, we could have used the pool. I felt so classy- until the wind knocked over our cups of water. Twice. Then my french fries blew into the pool and I had to practically stare down a swimmer to grab them out. (For real, you're already wet, kid. I am not jumping in.) It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon, nevertheless. We finished up our lunch date at Christina's house, watching her make us some of our very own Southern Sequins bangles! I am in love with them- she is so talented! 

My mom just texted to remind me that it's Cinco de Mayo- like I had some sort of plan for the day. I think I still have those blue mustaches on a stick from Austin's party... so there's that.... 
Mexican is on the menu for dinner, so that's pretty festive, am I right? Cheers!

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