Monday, April 28, 2014

Fifteen Months

Weight: 24 pounds plus a few ounces. He's lost a bit of weight, which initially had us concerned... but his doctor assured us that he is very healthy and that it's normal. Phew! Active little boy.

Length: 33 inches- in the 99th percentile!

Favorite Toys: Cars, balls, and real phones ("that's not a toy, Austin")

Favorite Activities: Dancing- which consists of clapping, head bobbing, and a low key Twerk. Going for rides in his set of wheels and doing just about anything outdoors. Phones are his latest interest- can you picture a 33 inch tall little human running across the house to answer the phone when it rings? His determination is priceless.
Mom's Latest Oops: Last week, Austin was showing off his moves on a small bench in the children's section at Barnes and Noble. He got so into it that he shimmied himself right off the bench and face planted. Got the entire thing on video. Sorry baby.

Dad's Latest Oops: On our flight home from Texas, Juan was a little too checked in to Candy Crush to notice Austin crawling into his lap. Next thing I know, he's flying through the air and landing on the ground in between our feet. Other than a tiny scratch and possible judgement passed by the other passengers, everything is fine. I think I guilted Juan out of all his Candy Crush pleasure for the rest of forever.
This past week, Juan and I mentioned how fast Austin is growing up at least a dozen times. In Texas, Juan's grandma must have reminded me at least five dozen times that before I know it, Austin will be married with a family of his own. The baby who just the other night insisted on sleeping with his mommy for the first time since he was three months old? I can't even think about him growing up. I won't even.

I've been going through old pictures on Juan's phone and rapid texting myself pictures of Austin that I had forgotten about. And FOR THE LOVE this man won't let me delete any pictures from his phone- not the blurred one of the back of Austin's head, nor the ridiculous video of me snoring in my sleep. (Not totally convinced it's me. I do not snore.) Maybe I will thank him one day.

Love you, angel babe.

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  1. Austin needs to join a choir, he 'sings' like an angel!
    Love from grand mommy