Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Like any normal overzealous, holiday happy, hashtag festive freak mom would tell you, the holidays are one hundred times better with a little one (or two or three) to share them with! We are indulging in as many fun activities and photo shoots that we possibly can for Austin's first Christmas season, oh what fun! Because he is so young, we aren't doing every tradition that we plan on doing with him in the future. Can you call it a tradition if it has yet to start? Well I am. I have so many ideas to make this holiday season a favorite of his- and oh by golly he will LOVE Christmas as much as the rest of this family!

Juan grew up celebrating Christmas at midnight on Christmas morning in Colombia. The kids opened all of their gifts at midnight, played a bit before bed, and then played some more after waking up. We hope to incorporate a bit of that into our Christmas traditions. Keeping an 11 month old up past midnight is like asking the grinch to put the star on top of your tree- so this year we will have a little "Night Before Christmas" basket for Austin that he can have right before bed. Eight O'Clock, no later! We don't want to catch Santa ;) His basket will have a new set of Christmas jammies, a Christmas movie or book, and a late night festive snack. I'm so excited! Can't we all wear giant Christmas onesies?! Juan? Please?
Our Midnight Mass tradition began last year, and it will definitely be a favorite for years to come. Oh, the beauty of the Midnight Mass, it's incredible! It's such a remarkable feeling, celebrating the season and meaning of Christmas at the stroke of midnight. Though he tagged along in my belly last year, the babe will have to stay at home this time. Like I said, the Midnight hour is a no go for this one.

A few more traditions that we would like to start/keep alive include
1. Go "Christmas Lighting" at night with hot chocolate and Christmas music
2. Decorate a Gingerbread House. Or a Gingerbread Princess Castle.
3. See a Christmas movie, play, or musical
4. Toys for Tots
5. Bake cookies for Santa and reindeer food for Rudolph
What are some of your traditions? 


  1. I love your analogy about how keeping a toddler up till midnight is like having the grinch put the star on the christmas tree. Glad you are able to keep some of your husband's Christmas traditions alive :)

  2. My baby and her love of the holidays. I think you should add caroling to your list and writing a letter to Santa. In a few years Austin will be able to stay awake for midnight mass with mommy and daddy. Love you, Grandmommy

  3. I can't wait to decorate a gingerbread house, We are planning to do that this weekend!! & I really want to make it to the movies to see Frozen!

  4. Nice share he is getting so big love those cheeks :)