Thursday, December 5, 2013

Texas Part II

Since we've gotten back from Texas,  I've been in such a cleaning mood- you'd think it was Spring cleaning in the Martinez home. I was literally down on all fours scrubbing the tile during Austin's entire morning nap. Would you believe I have not actually given the floors a good cleaning since we've moved in? Yes, yes you would. We have an awesome steamer that I've been using, but this is the first time this new tile has seen heavy duty chemicals and cleaning. Phew! What a morning! Time for Part II of our Texas trip! You can read Part I, Austin's first Thanksgiving, here.

We were in Texas for six days and I don't think I was bored once. Not once.  Obviously there was down time- family time, just enjoying everyone's company. But for almost an entire week, there was not one moment that I had nothing to do or found myself bored. I considered it a treat to find time to whip out my computer! Most mornings and evenings were spent playing with cousins in the house. Austin proved himself to be a big family kind of babe. How I wish we could live closer to his cousins!


Juan was a little too concerned about the swing color. The same man that has a total conniption if I try to put a headband on Austin just for fun. Men! After church on Sunday we hung out in the church play yard for a bit and watched this babe enjoy the comfort of a manlier swing. Austin's cousin then took him for a first class Barbie car ride. Take that, daddy!

When we weren't lounging around in the house or playing outside, we were exploring San Antonio! Juan and I even got a couple of nights out- alone. We went down to River Walk one night and had planned on touring The Alamo, but it was closed for the night. Guess that means we will be coming back next year! ;)
This time with family has meant so much to us, words cannot describe the feeling of just living every day life with family nearby and enjoying the company of loved ones. If you had asked me about 3 years ago where I saw myself in 3 or 4 years, I would have said Florida. I didn't travel much growing up, so Florida was all that I knew. Juan has such big dreams to travel and move around, I can't help but to hop on board with the plan making. It's too fun! We now see ourselves in a state alive with the seasons,  surrounded by family. Who knows, maybe down the road Texas won't be a 3 hour flight away! Georgia also holds a special place in our hearts. We're not opposed to becoming year round peaches, either! The possibilities of life! Dream big, right? 


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Georgia! I love the upper east though, I like experiencing all seasons. But I know people that live in Georgia and they say it's lovely. Sounds like you guys had a great time in Texas!

  2. I may be biased but yes GA is amazing! We would love to have the Martinez family as permanent peaches! Your outfit is adorable and Austin is so stinking cute!