Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Who has two thumbs, is dressed up like a hipster and having breakfast at midnight?? THIS GIRL. No, not really. But I WILL BE twenty two at midnight, folks! I'll leave the hipstering to T Swift- but breakfast at midnight does sound pretty tasty. If we weren't already tucked away for the night. And stuffed to the max from my delicious Melting Pot birthday dinner. Dear God, cheese and chocolate coma. Better than any midnight breakfast I will ever have. So there, Miss Swift. 
Just the fact that I am not newly legal with a complimentary giant belly makes my birthday a bit more joyous this year. I'm sure you can appreciate that. I have put together a bit of a 23rd Year bucket list, each "to do" and event I hope to accomplish before my next birthday. 

1. Celebrate Austin's First Birthday
2. Graduate college
3. Watch my husband graduate
4. Get caught up with my scrapbook (almost a year behind... yikes)
5. Open an Etsy Shop
6. Go to Colombia
7. Learn more Spanish
8. Run in a race
9. Baptize Austin
10. Learn to drive my husband's Jeep
11. Finish renovating both condos
12. Lose the rest of my baby weight
13. Fight the temptation of a mom hair cut- keep the long hair
14. Go camping
15. Buy a fake, pre-lit Christmas Tree
16. Start reading again, for pleasure
17. Pay off half of the credit card
18. Start cooking

And chatterbox next to me wants his input noted...

19. Keep my side of the closet organized (dream big, babe)
20. Go to either Maine, Alaska, Hawaii, or California
21. Successfully learn how to drive stick shift
22. Get another dog (no, no, and no)
23. Have another baby (not this year, babe)
A toast to another wonderful year!


  1. I'm behind on the Scrapbook too. :(

    Only 22?! You make me feel old. I'll be 26 in March!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. happy birthday beautiful best friend! You be so cute!

  3. Happy Birthday pretty girl!! I have an Etsy shop! What would you be selling in your shop?

  4. Oh, and I think the idea of another baby is a great one! You make such pretty ones, you should keep making them!!