Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

In celebration of never-ending process of unpacking Labor Day, the Martinez family worked every day this weekend. Every day. Unpacking has turned into a slow process over here- and we finally have (some) furniture! There is no doubt we will be sitting on our extra mattress in the living room for a couple of months until we buy a new couch.

Juan and I have been able to sneak away for the past couple of nights thanks to Juan's dad being in town. Saturday night we went to his boss's house to watch the UFC fights, and to my surprise, it held my attention for a good part of the night. His boss has the most adorable 2 month old baby girl- and holy hair, does she have a lot of it! I'm so jealous- Austin's hair is still pretty scarce. I'm so glad to have made friends with another couple who has a baby!

 Last night we went out for wings and watched the FSU game (boo) then followed up with We're the Millers. HILARIOUS. A must see. I also may have called this drink my "Cosmo and Wanda" all night. I'm looking at you, 90's kids!

Cheers to September- it's totally the beginning of fall in my book. The pumpkins and fall wreath are coming out. We may not have a couch or kitchen table, but dammit our front door will look nice. 


  1. you are such a cutie! I just love reading your blogs!!

  2. Ugh I'm in the unpacking process too! Impossible, because I moved into a smaller place than I was used to. Haha I laughed out loud that you named your drink cosmo and wanda!