Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Austin is EIGHT months old. I hopped on the nostalgic mommy train a couple of months back- does anyone know yet when this thing slows down!? Can we please just pause time?? When did my kid start following me from room to room and insisting on feeding his dog from his own plate? Smart and sneaky those two are. This Friday evening we are linking up again with the ladies for Five on Friday. Here we go!

The first official day of Fall is this Sunday- we are more than ready for pumpkin pickin and carving (among other Fall funsies, of course!) I can't wait for a Fall photoshoot as well, Austin is going to rock this pumpkin booty like no one's business ;)
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Happy Hippos. 6th grade flashback.
My 6th grade teacher used to bring these back from Germany for the class- yes, it's been that long since I've tasted this hazelnut and milky goodness. They sell the chocolate version in Epcot, but it's just not the same as the original. I was over the moon when Juan found them in a random little Russian shop in Jacksonville!!
These treats are the greatest things on earth.
Please excuse this slightly below par picture... (I spy a dog ear... a toilet plunger...)
The only piece of furniture in our man cave living room is our colossal entertainment center. We picked this out a couple of months ago, and it was just delivered last week- to say that I am obsessed would be an incredible understatement. I can't wait to decorate this beauty for the seasons!

This. It's perfect. 

And lastly, a cry for help. Changing this kid has become a wrestling match. A serious wrestling match and I lose every time. No matter how many tricks I have up my sleeve, this little rascal is not the least bit interested in staying for the show. Any suggestions? I have never minded changing his diaper until now, it's a hassle and usually ends in a mess. Help!

Ending on a happy note, it's Friday! This weekend will be spent cleaning out the storage unit and possibly a trip to the zoo, or dog park. Same thing though, right??


  1. Hungry Hippos! The spelling game of sparkle...those were the days! Love it!!
    --Mandy (the Godmother) :)

  2. the only thing that makes camryn want to lay still for a diaper change or doing her hair is my iphone. you can download fisher price apps and they sing songs with pictures of animals and etc. works like a charm every time lol

    1. what a good idea! thanks! I didn't even think of apps

  3. Enjoy your beautiful home! I miss you !!!