Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

Hellooooo, Friday! Where did the last week go?? Oh yeah, out the door with all of our empty boxes. I'm extremely excited to announce that this week's Five on Friday is posted live from the new condo! I say "all of our empty boxes" like we are done unpacking. Not even close.

I recommend this for every new mommy out there. I honestly had no idea something so large could still be a choking hazard. This is a "No Choke Testing Tube"- if it fits inside, it's a choking hazard. Plain and simple, and definitely a life saver. Literally. 
The last few days in the apartment Austin turned into a planking climbing fean. Boxes, bumbo, Duke's hindquarters- you name it, Austin climbs it.

Due to our floors (finally) being installed, and our extremely unorganized home, our "first night in the new condo" turned into a Martinez fest in a La Quinta. La Quinta because God forbid Duke sleeps in our condo without us. Remind me to thank whoever came up with the idea of pet friendly hotels.

The condo is slowly coming together. It will get better with time, lots of time- thank goodness for classes only two days a week. Here are a few piccys of our progress.

Notice the toilet in the bathtub? It was like that for a good couple of days before Juan found the "perfect" replacement. Men and their toilets. You can see a little glimpse of the laundry room- a mess. Look, pink! But yes, it's an absolute mess, it's the condo "catch all" for the time being. 
 Juan is (oddly) infatuated with moose- so I knew this fan was coming home with us the minute he pointed it out. Love love love it!
Here's to another weekend dedicated to boxes and moving trucks- and maybe, just maybe, the husband will decide to go get our furniture from the storage unit. 

Over and out from the new floor of our (furnitureless) home!


  1. Yay you got your pink laundry room! love it!

  2. Good luck with the rest of the move, love the hardwood floors!

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