Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dogwood Park

"So how's about that 100 pound dog living in your two bedroom condo?" Yeah, Duke is big, really big. And our condo is pretty small; especially when you've got a giant German Shepherd prancing around like an elephant in roller skates. No, but really- this dog slips and loses grip of the floor like every fifth step. Occasionally, I can't help but lose my marbles with him. After Austin is in bed and Duke wipes out, taking the high chair down with him, oh lawd that dog better run. Poor babe, if only he could! Do dogs get used to wood flooring? He has no problem with the tile, but the wood? Forget it. 

We took Duke to the local dog park this weekend and he had a blast. It's huge! Over 25 acres of pure doggy bliss. He may tower over the other pups, but he is such a follower when it comes to playing with the others. For example, he will not instigate a "play fight" or game of tag. He joins in once an alpha has already begun a run or a game. Duke must have explained to his friends that his little brother took his alpha card a long time ago.
It's like watching a gangly, awkward child who has yet to grow into his or her own body. We're laughing with you, Dukie, always with you ;) And as for that boxer on the left, I don't even know. The dog park can do crazy things to a dog.
Duke ended his perfect afternoon with a bath. And for him, it ended right then and there, as soon as Juan hoisted him up into the tub and sprayed him down. Luckily, the dog park has tubs for bathing off all signs of doggy play and romping in the mud. The tubs are conveniently located in the front office, where Duke had visuals of every dog coming in to begin his or her own day at the park. He warned each one that entered the office of the horrors that would follow their playtime. Juan and I were hysterical coming up with words for Duke's cautionary tales to the incoming pups.

A clean Duke is always a happy Duke. Or a clean Duke makes for a happy mommy. Either way, the dog is worn out and clean.


  1. Beautiful pictures of Big Duke!

  2. Those are really beautiful photos! And as I could tell. They are really big! WOW! Nice job guys!