Monday, September 16, 2013

And it's only September

The season is upon us, folks- I can feel it. (Yeah right, I wish I could feel it.) But listen, yesterday I heard it, and today I saw it. It's only a matter of time before we can all feel it, except for you folks back home, sorry guys. And those of you north of Florida who have already started rocking your sweaters and scarves- gahh I envy you! 
We kicked off Sunday morning with brunch at Third Street Diner, which just so happened to be Austin's first outing when he was a wee little squishy babe. The tunes in the diner? Christmas music. Christmas music. In September! I just about flipped backwards out of my chair. I guess it's never too early to start! Okay, maybe not true, mid September is a tad early. But this was definitely a nice reminder of the coming season! (Like this crazy needs a reminder!) Hearing all of the cheer and merriment is one of the best parts!

Fast forward to this morning- I encountered a gentleman who, after noticing the little squirmy wormy on my hip, let me skip him in the ridiculous line at the post office! Chivalry men, chivalry. But then he threw us a curve ball. He looked at Austin and gave the babe his first season greeting, "Happy Holidays." Either the man was a little confused, or he is just as (probably more) excited as we are for the seasons.

There you have it, all of my your Fall clothing shopping sprees and Pumpkin Spice Lattes justified. Pour some cider, throw your hands in the air and give a cheers to what's coming! 
This babe has it down.


  1. I am Christmas-obsessed, haha! It's never too early (well maybe), but I love it, too! I bet you are even more excited this year with your precious family! Austin is seriously SO cute! Great blog!

  2. No no no not Christmas yet! Fall should last at lease 6 months lol

  3. Austin looks like his mommy (in the bottom picture) when she was a baby. I love his linen onesie from Ireland!