Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Jaguar

Ah, the end of yet another week! I hope everyone's Friday was just as fabulous as ours! The husband got the entire morning and early afternoon off of work, so we spent the day getting caught up on laundry and unpacking more boxes. Does it ever end?! And yes, I constitute catching up on laundry as a fabulous Friday. Juan deserves a gold medal for being such a trooper during the folding process, he did it all.

You lovelies don't need a reminder that it's football season. Woohoo. Okay, I'm actually not a football fan- but the husband likes to think he is- so I play along. I know my display of complete enthusiasm totally had you fooled. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike football, but I would call myself more of a social footballer. Let's be honest here, I'm not going to turn down a chance to get dressed up and tailgate or BBQ. Getting dressed up in team colors and joining your husband for a fraternity tailgate at 7 months pregnant is dedication. #throwback

And I had to throw in a picture of my best friend and Ryan Lochte. Holla.

This year we added mommy and baby jerseys to the collection and we have decided we are going to start rooting for the Jags. We do live here, after all, so why not?! One baby Jaguar fan, coming right up!

Go Gators, go Jags! Happy weekend!

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  1. Your Juan and his daddy are the best for getting your condo so beautiful!