Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm poking my head back in for the Five on Friday link up! Just coming and going as I please, sorry! 

We are loving our daily walks more than ever. It's still pretty hot outside, which is totally worthy of double thumbs down, but walks really are so much more enjoyable with a 6 month old. He is so curious and smiley, he never gets tired of strolling. Mommy took him out of his front row, sightseeing seat for a photo shoot. Lord, look at that mean mug.
He obviously got over it quickly.

This pretty much sums up Austin and Duke's relationship. I initially wrote that, but honestly, it's not very true these days. Lately, Duke can be found either stealing Austin's Mum Mums or trying to get him to throw his slimy toys. But either way, I love this picture so so much- if it wasn't 3 cent camera quality, it would seriously be in an 8x12 frame. 

Apparently I am a very difficult person to sleep with. I don't know why my husband keeps telling me this- his son had no problem sleeping with me for 2 months... but, alas, I we blamed it on the mattress. But really, it dips down in the middle! Nevertheless, we are now owners of a brand spanking new Tempur-Pedic mattress, complete with a remote control to raise and lower the head and feet.
Grandma status. 
Baby boy was certainly one tough critic!

Random Conversation I had with the husband early this morning: (Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
Me: Since when does Toodles have a voice?
Juan: Didn't you see?
Me: What?
Juan: The professor gave him a face and a voice for his birthday.
Me: They didn't just show that...
Juan: It was on another episode.

I really had no idea if he was being serious or sarcastic, but come on, you know you're a dad when....
Had to be there moment? Quite possibly. 

I've been gathering ideas for Austin's birthday. Why can't it be as simple as "pink, glitter, frills" and be done with it??? Blue ombre is high on my list. Close behind is Mickey Mouse, of course. A few inspirations via Pinterest...

It's a definite possibility, folks. A definite possibility. 


  1. Love the blue ombre theme! That is one of the the ideas I have floating around for Anderson's birthday...even though he isn't born yet haha And your hubby is telling the truth. I saw the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Toodles got voice lol

  2. That e-card is too funny. I love that party theme, as well.

  3. Jen, any neat places for you to stroll with Austin around your new condo? Idea for cake~ Mindi makes adorable cakes, how about a small personal Micky cake for Austin?