Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's a Sale!

It's (one of) the happiest days of the year. Seventeen and a half hours until the madness begins. It's the Lilly Pulitzer annual Summer Sale. For those of you who commented and emailed me regarding my love for Lilly Pulitzer and your disappointment in the prices- I have great news. Lilly's annual Summer Sale starts tomorrow morning at 8am sharp. And by sharp, I mean sharp. As in, the site crashes every year because there are so many people adding items to their carts like madwomen. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly this year- but on the plus side, if the site is running slowly, or it crashes, you get a little free gift (if you buy something, of course)! Austin is already scheduled to go "night nights" a little late tonight to ensure that I am at the sale on time tomorrow morning. It really does take complete concentration and patience, things go fast. 
Coincidence that the summer sale falls on Austin's 7 month birthday? I don't think so. This is definitely a "congratulations on keeping your kid alive longer than your goldfish" from Lilly headquarters. More the reason to treat myself to an extra fancy ;)

Happy shopping! And may the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. Hey there girl! I just wanted to check in with you since I haven't heard back from regarding the Pinterest Incentive Program. With the blog hop going live in less than 2 weeks, I just wanted to make sure you were still interested. Hope everything is okay with you. I'm thinking I may not have your most current email (could be the reason I've gotten no response)? Hope you are okay and I look forward to hearing back from you :o)

  2. I shopped, you shopped, we all shopped and shopped some more until the last minute!