Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And then we found a kid

My husband stinks at surprises. He lacks nonchalance, big time; maybe it's because I know him so well, I'm not sure. If he's super excited about something, anything, he just can't keep it in. So I'm telling you all this because last night this man did the impossible. He woke me up around two to go "look at something" on our balcony. I was positive I would be playing doctor again, checking out his latest bump or cut- but to my complete surprise, this was waiting for me.

A donut date. At 2 in the morning. With milk. And straws. Candles and music. It was perfect.
I dare say it was better than Valentine's Day 2012- which brought 40 tiny candles in the shape of a heart in front of my dorm and a Peterbrooke chocolate basket the size of a small toddler.
Hey, speaking of toddlers. We found one- we found a kid. This morning we were downstairs loading some furniture onto the U-Haul when a little blonde haired, blue eyed babe peaked over the balcony at us. We went back upstairs, and there he was, just wandering around. He even tried to get into our apartment. Juan scooped him up and we started to take him to the front office when we noticed a door in our hall slightly open. We opened it, and called and called- no one answered. Creepy, right? I totally felt like Nancy Drew. We flagged down a maintenance man and he golf carted blondie and myself up to the front. Austin and Juan followed. Long story short, they called the police- the "babysitter" showed up, and Juan and I went back home. I tried my hardest not to make judgmental eyes towards blondie's babysitter, but it was so hard. I'm scrapping a ton of details, but the point of the matter is- I'm baby-proofing. NOW. Any suggestions?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Juan, you are such a romantic rascal.

  2. Oh my goodness, he is the sweetest! Love the donuts & milk :)

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  3. Baby proofing~ deadbolt locks on all outside doors, cabinet latches, electric outlet covers, ... It's a never ending process. But you were such a good baby we never had any issues!