Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Currently Loving

Clinique Moisturizer: I just found out that the sun hits our apartment's balcony just perfectly from 3 to 5pm each (sunny) day. I'm so excited (probably more than I should be). I can sit outside and attempt a summer glow, and not have to worry about Austin getting burnt or antsy, he chills inside with Mickey Mouse. ANY WAY, this product is great... I use it every morning before I put on my makeup and it offers a little SPF for those trying to (or not trying to) get some sun.

Ford Luggage: I got this 3 piece set from my parents for Christmas, per my request. I feel like such a mom with a 3 piece matching luggage set! Sometimes, Austin gets his own little suitcase- Lord knows high maintenance daddy gets the biggest one. 

Essie Nail Polish: I used to bite my nails. Juan hated it so much he went out and bought me 4 Essie Nail  polishes... it broke my habit, for the most part. I am obsessed with Essie now. I love these summer colors!

"Not Your Daughter's Jeans": Yeah, thanks for reminding me. My first pair of "mom jeans". Lord help me. I really am thankful for such a good find, though. They are certainly on the pricey side, but totally worth it. If you're like me, and not trying to flaunt your extra baby weight, you will love these. 

Pink Frosted Animal Cracker Soap: This is actually a soap, bubble bath, and shampoo, all in one. I use it only for soap and bubble bath. Who knows what it would do to this frizzy mess that I call my hair. But really, this stuff is heaven.

Clinique Chubby Sticks: Other than my Philosophy Foundation, I use all Clinique products. The Chubby sticks are probably my favorite. I hate lipstick. Hate it. Other than my ballet recitals and that one "white trash bash" party, I have never worn lipstick. Wow, I'm not saying it's trashy, that's totally what it sounded like. It's just... sticky... and it gets on my teeth. And it's hard to get off. But, to each her own. I like Chubby Sticks, I have them in 5 colors. My favorite is the Two Ton Tomato.

Jack Rogers: Ah, my Jacks. Too many good things to say about these babes. They can dress up or down any outfit. They come in so many colors, and just recently the website is allowing customers to customize colors! If they weren't so darn expensive I would definitely have more than 3 pairs right now. I have been contemplating for weeks whether to customize myself some Christmas colored Jacks. Mommyyyyy... hint hint.

Michael Kors Wallet: Shout out to the best father-in-law! He just got this for me and I'm in love! It's the perfect summer wallet and it even has a zip pouch for change. Cheers to coins no longer lining the bottom of my purse!

Currently loving the self timer mode on my camera. Who needs a photographer when I can set the timer for 10 seconds, run to my spot (screaming at the dog to move), make obnoxious noises to get my kid to crack a smile, and manage not to get a stupid background. Ok, that last one didn't work out so well. 

Currently loving all things baby booty. Sleeping baby booty, scootin baby booty (shown below), stretching after a nap baby booty, and bath time nakie baby booty. Not currently loving? Solid foods diaper baby booty.
Currently loving the fact that Austin sits up on his own now. Wahhh wishful thinking. I was holding his hand in this picture. I can't wait until he starts sitting! What a cute little person he will be!

Currently (and have always been) loving these dimples! Ok, this picture doesn't do them justice, but they are there, I promise.


  1. Soon, I'll get to kiss those sweet baby cheeks!
    Grand mommy

  2. Cute! Love animal cracker!
    How did you make this photo collage??!

  3. Eeeekkkk I am loving your blog! You have me laughing every time I read it! I know you like reading mommy blogs, so I wanted to stop by and drop off a GOOD suggestion!!

    E, MYSELF, and I

    Sorry, I couldn't link it. But it is worth it, I PROMISE!!!