Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hi Daddy!

Late last night, Juan called to tell us that he would be flying in to Fort Pierce today with his aunt and uncle for lunch! There goes my day of pure leisure by the pool. No, quite the opposite, we were so excited! Like Austin would ever allow pure leisure time anyway. Austin hasn't seen daddy in a week, so he was all smiles today. They flew in this morning and spent the day with us. We went to the yacht club for lunch and had some tasty gelato for dessert. Austin even had a lick of daddy's mango. The day was entirely too short, and they had to leave before dark. I am so thankful for Juan's uncle having his pilot's license and a plane! It makes for great getaways and last minute trips. I took a little peak into the plane before they left, and holy cow it is intense. I can only imagine trying to fly one of those things. A crash landing that would be. And that's saying that I even make it off the ground. 

Bye daddy... see you soon! 

A short visit, yes, but it was definitely needed... this lady has gone an entire week without her man. Shout out to you "long distancers" out there. Major props. Juan will be back in a week for the 4th... prepare for major festivities from this All Half American fam! (...and maybe a little bit of German from Duke's side.)

A last little note... Google is getting rid of Google Reader on Monday, so for my few and wonderful "followers", you can keep up with the Martinez Men on Bloglovin. There is a button to follow us at the top of my home page. It's super simple and takes only a couple of minutes to set up. During the set up, it asks if you'd like to import your Google Reader blogs, so click the button and that's it! And based on my page views, I know that there are many of you out there (secretly) following this blog -called out- so please, don't be a stranger and actually "follow" us! 
We Austin loves the attention ;)


  1. Long distance sucks...Pat and I did it for 2 years! Glad you all had such a great time together. Your family is beautiful!

  2. a tight squeeze in that plane! great post!

  3. A big Thank You to Jeanny and Dale for making this happen!

  4. What a strong woman! My husband works 12 hour days and that's hard, let alone multiple days at a do you do it, with a baby too! Super mom!!!!

  5. Hey there! I'm stopping by from the blog hop and just wanted to let you know I'm now following you via Bloglovin'! I hope you'll get a chance to check me out also! Have a wonderful Thursday :o)

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