Friday, June 14, 2013

Pop Some Tags

Summer, finally!
It has been disgustingly hot and humid here in Jax, thank goodness for pools and popsicles! I used to say my favorite season was summer. Now I would tell anyone that it is winter, and for so many reasons: boots, scarves, tamed hair, the holidays, all things peppermint... I can go on and on. I think my husband is rubbing off on me- he loves winter time.
Can you even call it winter here in Jacksonville? You can when you are from south Florida!

This summer we are planning a 4th of July trip to Fort Pierce- hello, red, white, and blue drinks and playtime. We got Austin the sweetest 4th of July outfits... I am anticipating tons of pictures to add to our "first" holiday collection!

Austin's first Valentine's Day- almost 1 month old

First St. Patty's Day- just over 2 months old

 First Easter- 3 and a half months old

We got (one of) his 4th of July outfits from a little baby boutique/consignment shop. When your kid is growing at lightning speed it's okay to buy him used clothes from time to time! We always check for even the slightest of stains, and then wash it twice before wearing. Yes, I've considered the fact that someone else's kid could have shat in it, and now I am putting it on my sweet baby boy- but like I said, we check it pretty thoroughly before buying it, and then wash it twice. Some outfits really are just too cute to pass up... Sue me.

 We may or may not have also gotten him an American flag bathing suit and flag nighty while we were out window shopping today...
He also may or may not have relieved himself in the bathing suit when we tried it on him, in the store.

This was certainly a steal- 4 dollars and eighty cents, people.

And his 4th of July outfit... this just makes me want to sing Macklemore's Thrift Shop Take Me Out to the Ballgame and eat a hot dog.

Austin has started to scoot. Backwards. Only backwards. I'm talking up on all fours (well, 2 hands and 2 knees). Next step, crawling? EEEK! When did this happen!? Our apartment is NOT baby proof! We are moving into our condo at the end of August, and I was hoping I could get away with only having to baby proof that. My baby is growing too quickly!
I guess playpens are always an option, but where is the fun in that? I would much rather set up a gate around the entertainment center and let Austin have free roam of the baby proofed house. Ideas?

Tonight is being spent cleaning the apartment and finishing up the last of my school work because  tomorrow morning Santa Clause my best friends are coming to town! Sorry ladies, I'm not that excited.
 Happy weekend!
Don't forget Father's Day! I  Austin almost did...

This week's outdoor fun


  1. Ok, the bunny butt one piece?! adorable!

  2. your little outfits for your guy are too cute!

  3. Such cute pictures!! My Grandparents live near Fort Pierce, on North Hutchinson Island -- have a good 4th there :)

  4. Such a good looking family.