Friday, August 29, 2014

Kitchen Sink Cookies

So my posts are becoming less and less frequent as life rushes on. Duh. You've noticed. It's not so much that I don't have anything to blab about nowadays (wait, it kind of is)- I just feel like I have a million different other things that I should be doing. When I sit down to add something to my planner, I go blank. I start filling it with fluff like put updated pictures in picture frames and break-in ballet shoes. Despite the fact that I did actually join a ballet studio last week (wait, what? More on that later!), I'm sure there's like thirty four more important things that I'm forgetting. One being the correct date for my doctor's appointment. The other morning I drove 40 minutes to my appointment, just to have the unapologetic lady at the front desk tell me that I was a week early. That sounds familiar. I'm positive that whoever put me in the system for the following week is the one who was mistaken, but I took the news with a grain of salt  giant cookie that I picked up at Fresh Market on the way home. 
And a 40 minute drive for a box of Kitchen Sink cookies is so worth it in my book.

The Incredible Hulk is due to wake up from his nap at any time, and unfortunately I still have one kitchen sink that needs to be taken care of. I'll leave y'all with this sweet little mug.

And if you're not too busy drooling over that cookie, run out and get a box! You won't be sorry. 
Cheers for the long weekend!

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