Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Adventures

A few weeks ago, Austin started back to Montessori school. By the end of his month long break, we had fallen into such a fun, summer groove (read: donut crazed, beach bums) that it was hard to send him back. But. I am once again enjoying my free mornings, and just like that I'm back into my regular morning routine. I won't even tell you how long it had been since I wore my workout clothes and then actually went to the gym.
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Austin is now in the 18 months to 3 years old class- so I'm fairly sure that he is the youngest babe there, or close to it. In just these few short weeks I have noticed a tremendous difference in almost every aspect. The kid still gives Donald Duck's semi-intelligible speech a run for its money, but hearing him try so many new words is music to my ears! Say it loud, say it proud, little Donald ducky.

Because our weekdays are fairly planned and patterned, I've been searching for ways to switch up our weekends. Last weekend we visited the Children's Museum in Jensen Beach and it was pretty freaking amazing. I'd call it less of a "museum"and more of a junior job fair. One where your toddlers are invited to leave their slight attention spans at the door, as they explore all of the different rooms- each containing a different theme/job. Whoever started the whole "pick a career that you enjoy because you'll be stuck with it forever" spiel  has clearly never seen the likes of this museum, where you can switch from dentist to pirate to firefighter in 22 seconds flat. Austin loved the freedom, and we will definitely be going back soon!

On Saturday, Austin and I went on a nature walk around my parents' neighborhood. I followed behind him as he searched for goodies to put in his bucket- and then about half an hour later, he hurled the contents of the bucket into the air to tell me that he had had enough. And then I had to carry his rosy cheeked, sweaty haired self all the way back home. It was a short adventure, but more than enough to tire us both out. Did I mention how thankful I was that we came home with an empty bug catching jar? He has just started to notice lizards, and for now, that's about all I can handle in the critter department.

Happy Monday, folks! Enjoy your week- and don't forget to shop the Lilly Summer Sale!!

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