Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On the Ball

Since the day of Austin's very belated Father's Day photo shoot, I have been constantly crossing tasks off of my consistently growing list. I have been mentally high fiving myself all day, despite the twenty six more to-do's that appear at the bottom of my list each time I cross one thing off.  Yesterday I organized my old bedroom at my parents' house, preparing it for a craft room makeover. SWOON. Does anyone else find it hard to part with certain items, solely because they might serve a purpose in the future? I've gone through that room about three times since high school, and it seems like I'm always trying to justify keeping certain items. I'll end up needing this tiara for a bridal shower or Halloween. I should keep this giant American Girl doll in case I have a daughter. Yesterday's raid definitely compensated for my years of hoarding, and I have an incredible "garage sale" pile to prove it. An ocarina made in art class and birthday cards from old boyfriends aren't comparable to the keepsakes I have made over the past couple of years. And let's face it, I was running out of room.
I kept the tiara.

This morning I was still very much in the groove. I woke up to an alarm, entirely too early, and was one hair brush short of being out the door before realizing that Austin's doctor's appointment isn't until tomorrow morning. If you're following on Instagram, you already know what we did instead.
On Friday we will be attending a Fourth of July party, which saves me from any and all eleventh hour planning. That's not to say that come Friday morning I won't be desperately rummaging through the kitchen, making last minute attempts to whip up some sort of festive red, white, and blue breakfast.
While going through boxes in the bedroom craft room, I found Austin's outfit from last year! Naturally, I squeezed my toddler into the same romper he wore as a wee little 6 month old. Just for a few pictures. Or, you know... the entire rest of the day. And then I sat back and melted into a million pieces as I watched him parade around like he owned all of America.
Wishing you a festive and firework-filled Fourth of July!


  1. Love, love, love my grandbaby and daughter!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I can't justify getting rid of the tiara either.... It just sits there collecting dust, but you never know!! Haha